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rambletreefarm1 Lot’s of last minute stuff to get in before the holiday. Let’s get to it.

  • I’m hearing they’re starting to ask Chris Dodd about his dealings with Countrywide. What burns me is this guy will likely get away with half of what he’s been pulling.
  • I think these two stories, culled off Drudge tell the story of Unions.

    California could be broke in 2 months…

    Unions sue governor over mandatory days off…

    Never let it be said that Unions are limited by reality.

  • I cheerfully note David’s link to VDH yesterday, and raise him this from the same author:

    The probable appointment of Caroline Kennedy, the 51-year-old daughter of former President John Kennedy, to fill Secretary-of-State nominee Hillary Clinton’s New York Senate seat is both laughable and yet a parable for our bankrupt times. . . . Ms. Kennedy is about as undiverse as one could imagine. She was educated at exclusively private schools among those of her like race and class. Her financial security is due to either inheritance or marriage; there is no evidence of a self-employed stellar legal or business career. But there is plenty of evidence that Ms. Kennedy reflects the current Democratic Party’s obsession with celebrity and Hollywood-like imagery. . . .

    Like I said… Star power.  Also, Hanson’s point about the lack of ‘diversity’ is well taken. I note it’s the one charge, however, that even the far left hasn’t tossed at her. .. that whe’s not only too whitebread, but that she’s too white, period.   Granted that Charlie Rangel has his hands kinda full just now, but where’s the Bobby Rush contingent?  Come to think of it, I’d not seen that argument tossed at Hillary Clinton when she took the seat, either.  Is that star power, too, I wonder? And has anyone noticed she’s being very mum about her finaces?

  •  Speaking of Sweet Caroline…. (Yes, that’s who the Diamond song was written for… didn’t you know?)…. Roger Simon notes that the New York Times got fooled on a story involving her.

    No doubt most of you remember the Jayson Blair affair at the New York Times, when the paper jettisoned the reporter for publishing several plagiarized and, at least partially, fabricated stories on its front page. The ensuing brouhaha caused an editorial shake-up at the onetime “newspaper of record.”Well, what’s the old saying about the “second time as farce”? [I think it’s from Marx.-ed. So it is.] This time the paper has outdone itself by publishing a putative letter from the mayor of Paris, attacking the potential elevation of Caroline Kennedy to the US Senate:


  • Dan Reihl notes it too, and says that the Times is about ready for the Great Egress.

    From 24/7 Wall St – based upon background and financials, ten major companies predicted to go away in 2009. Number 6 on the list? The New York Times. h/t An email from Pundita.

    24/7 Wall St. looked at some of the largest and most well-known companies, reviewed their SEC filings if they are public, analyst reports, and media observations about their businesses and picked ten that probably won’t be around at the end of next year.
    6) The New York Times (NYT) has to repay $400 million in debt in the first half of 2009. It does not have the money. It plans to mortgage its headquarters, but it is uncertain what that will bring in an uncertain real estate market. The firm’s Boston Globe and regional newspaper operations lose money, so they will be hard to sell. NYT is controlled by the Sulzberger family which has super-majority voting shares. That won’t matter much when the company runs out of money. Another big media operation, perhaps News Corp (NWS) which owns The Wall Street Journal and The New York Post, will come in and auction off what it can and keep the flagship New York Times newspaper and NYTimes.com website.

    I can’t say I’ll mourn when it happens. Indeed; Die, already.   (Ya know, I wonder if we’re going to hear from the Democrats in Congress that the Times is too big to fail? After all, the Times has served as the DNC house organ for two generations, at least. can you imagine Democrats doing with it? Neither can I, and as such I wouldn’t put a bailout for the Times, past them.)

  • Throwing Shoes at Blago? And where is the Dinosaur media on this?
  • OK, a local story, just to the north of us here. I like camping, but this is nuts. We’ve had feet of snow, and temps hivering around 10 degrees, with windchils well into the sub-zero.  What the hell was this guy doing in a popper under those conditions? Why do I get the feeling that in the end, the INS folks are going to be involved?
  • McQ at Q&O😕
    Is there any question as to which ideology this minority most likely claims?

    Twenty-three percent of those questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Monday say that Cheney is the country’s worst vice president, when compared with his predecessors.

    Of course the headline is “Poll: 23 percent say Cheney worst vice president ever” instead of “4 out of 5 don’t find Cheney to be that bad”. Or said another way, here’s another poll used to manufacture a “news” story.



    Well, no kidding. Dinosaur ‘news’ agencies manipulating poll data for the sake of the image they want to present is nothing new, certainly. But, look, this goes to another level, too. They see what Obama did with Fox news when they dared question him on ‘sensitive’ matters of image. CNN knows who butters their bread. They want access to the power structure for the next couple years, they’ve gotta make the right noises.

  • Blizzard in HDR Global Warming, my @$$. OK, perhaps it’s gotten to the point where pointing out that global warming is a farce is cliche’.   Yet, despite having gone into the status of being a bad joke, The Democrat Party, Obama included, continues to push the mantra of global warming.  Why? It’s exactly as I said yesterday.

Let me take this opportunity to wish all of our readers the best of the Christmas holidays.

Those of you lucky enough to have family and close freinds; I urge you to use this time to foster those relationships. Help them grow. You’ll find your rewards will be more than you imagined, and will take on shapes and depths you’d never considered.

Christmas ColoursBe watchful for a special posting or three over the next 24 to 48 hours particularly for the kids, and one post that’s become a tradition around here.  We’ll continue to post commentary at whiles over the next few days,  but given the holiday we’ll be off our usual schedule somewhat.

Merry Christmas.

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