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Nightly Ramble:Last One This Year

lakecg-rambleWelcome, one and all to the most intense nightly read anywhere on the ‘sphere… BitsBlog’s Nightly Ramble.

Last day of the year and all of that. We may or may not go out tonight to capture some photographs of fireworks and whatnot. We’re currently under a storm warning, after which it’s supposed to be in single digit cold, tonight. Gee, just what I need for a few days off.  I’m glad I’m not DJ’ing parties anymore… it’s a sure bet I’d have to lug all my gear through this stuff.

amhrs_lWhat am I talking about? Have a look at a pic taken at about 7 this morning, local time, over in Amhearst.  That’s I-290 in the background. Every cam I can see within about a 90 mile radius is showing exactly the same thing. I’ll tell you this; it’s a good thing it’s New Year’s Eve with this stuff.  On a normal day we’ve had a problem with traffic and whatnot.  As it is, the only people that went anywhere today where the people that have jobs that really required they be there, else people within overdeveloped sense of responsibility.  Everybody else pretty much stayed home.

Now after this storm went through the temps started dropping. We’re supposed to see single digits tonight.  I hear the wind chill numbers are suppsoed to be near Zero in Times Square.  So, maybe we won’t go see fireworks tonight. We’ll see how it goes.

happy_new_yearOK, that does it for this year for the Nightly Ramble. Have a nice night tonight, and be safe. We’ll see you next year.