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  • First day of December, today is.  Yeah, I know you know this. I’m saying it out of wonder at the passage of time. If you’re reading this, you managed to survive Black Friday. Of course Today is Cyber Monday. The net will be slow today. Has been, already, and it’s bound to get worse.
  • Local pizza places are doing a bang up business. Apparently nobody’s asking for Turkey as a topping, from what I’m told. No idea why not.
  • Last I heard, Black Friday sales were up 3% YOY, and Cyber Monday sales look to be up around 10%. So much for the slump. Of course if it gets to the point where the Dinosaur media has to admit the Holiday season wasn’t all that bad from a money standpoint, they’ll manage to find a way to credit Obama for the ‘surpising’ results.
  • Billy:

    I enjoyed watching the New York Giants smash the Washington Redskins today without Plaxico Burris. He wasn’t going to play today anyway, but it was a special treat to watch them roll while he was nursing the negligent gunshot wound and contemplating a criminal indictment.

    Well, yeah. It’s like I keep saying; Being that stupid oughta be painful. For the team, for signing him, and for Burris himself. I gather it will be for him, at least. The team? Depends on how much you think he was contributing that someone else couldn’t. Then again, the Redskins?  Nah… That’s not so much a worry this year, either.

  • Buffalo BillsNeither are the Bills  (Sigh) I’m telling you, people… I’ve never seen a team so calimly intent on handing games to opposing teams…. except that is, for the Bills… during the four year Super Bowl run they had.  I sat and watched yesterday as the Bills Doinked it off the uprights twice…. once from 20 out… The name ‘Norwood’ mean anything, guys?  And look, I know… Not to make the goat of Ryan Lindell… (And the truth is, Norwood didn’t deserve what he got, either… the game should never have gotten that close…  then or now) but his fouling up yesterday does seem emblematic. This might be Ralph’s last year, guys. You sure this is how he wants to go out? Com’on.
  • Buddy of mine mentioned something to me this morning, that perhaps is worthy of mention here; For all the protests and destruction and just downright boorish behavior over California voters putting the nix on “Gay Marriage”… for a second time… the one group that they’ve not tried to releve themselves on is black churches, who overwhelmingly voted against it, and who, in vast majority object to such a thing being cast as a ‘civil right’. Ponder this one for even a few minutes and you’re sure to figure out why.
  • Everyone’s going to be watching Georgia, tommrow. Chambliss and Martin. This could go either way and you can bet the Democrats are pouring lawyers into the state. It takes a lotta heat, after all to cook an election, as they’re finding out in the Coleman / Franken case.
  • TERROR STRIKES AGAIN : Hotel Taj Mahal, Mumbai being burnt due to bombings and firings on the late wednesday night of 26th November.There are not many who have said that the Mumbai attacks were a reaction to Obama’s election.  But, since we know this stuff had been planned and trained for a year anyhow, let’s imagine for the moment that John McCain had won the election.  How long do you suppose it’d be before the Dinosaur media started cranking out stories that the attacks in Mumbai were in reaction to a McCain victory?
  • About that; I see Boortz making mention of those atatcks this morning. He notes, correctly, I think;?

    I did some Internet searching.  I found a few stories about prayer vigilsfor the Mumbai victims of Islamic terrorists — but none held at Mosques.  Not surprised, frankly.

    Nope. Me, either. It does tell us what we’re up against, though, doesn’t it? Well, them and CNN.  The publicly expressed worries not withstanding, the fact remains that there has been very little in the way of Muslims speaking up against this kind of attack. I made the point last night that armed citizens would solve the problem. Glenn notes:

    MARK STEYN ON MUMBAI:Just go read it, okay? But here’s a bit: “What’s relevant about the Mumbai model is that it would work in just about any second-tier city in any democratic state: Seize multiple soft targets and overwhelm the municipal infrastructure to the point where any emergency plan will simply be swamped by the sheer scale of events.” 

    Just so. No question.  But as Steyn points up elsewhere, we’re missing a key element here; the ideology.

    It’s the ideology that determines whether you can find enough young hotshot guys in the neighborhood willing to strap on a suicide belt or (rather more promising as a long-term career) at least grab an AK-47 and shoot up a hotel lobby. Or, if active terrorists are a bit thin on the ground, whether you can count at least on some degree of broader support on the ground. You’re sitting in some distant foreign capital but you’re of a mind to pull off a Mumbai-style operation in, say, Amsterdam or Manchester or Toronto. Where would you start? Easy. You know the radical mosques, and the other ideological front organizations. You’ve already made landfall.

    True ’nuff. Let’s also recognize that the ideology involved does not at all appear to be disposed to peaceful co-existance. Steyn goes on to point to the press and their unwillingness to deal with the Islamic -crazy ideology on that level.  Look, gang… Someone whose idology has pushed them so far out as to want to don brand new form fitting Fruit Of The Boom underwear, particularly if they think they’ve got a reward waiting for them on the far side of the explosion, does not seem to me someone likley to back down on the mortal strength of mere negotiation, or for that matter, of mere mortal law enforcement, both of which our own left would have us totally reliant on.  So, it comes down to, as it always has, us or them.  The first step toward our suvival is recognition of that salient point. The problem, of course is there’s a liberal Democrat set to take up residence in the WH, who has repeatedly failed to make those connections. How many people will die for that failure, remains to be seen.

  • A nod of thanks to the UAW, this morning, who over the weekend, gave proof to my thought that the bailout of the Big Three is really a bailout of the UAW, their over-inflated wages and bennies. Good show. About that, you need to read this.
  • Obama Nation: Kind of like the orcs in LOTR; they can’t operate without someone controlling their thoughts.
  • Rumors of MS and Yahoo. I’ll tell you this, guys… If this comes through, I’ll be moving to Google. or maybe back to Alta-Vista.

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