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I ended up having to go into work today and tomorrow, and so we will see a Nightly Ramble for both those days. We’ll see about the rest of the week when that gets here.

  • Victor Davis Hanson notes:

    As 2008 comes to a close, almost nothing has turned out as was expected at the beginning of the year – whether we consider oil prices, the war in Iraq, political corruption or the collapse of the U.S. financial system.

    Indeed. In short, all the supposedly zones that we elected Obama, have faded into the mists.  Hanson gets into some serious detail on all these points, and it’s worth the read.  The take away from the read is that perhaps we didn’t know all that we thought we did about the management of such matters by the Bush administration.  On that basis, one can also aver that maybe we didn’t know quite so much about Obama, either.  Congratulations, morons, you just dropped a huge  question mark in our future.

  • To that point, did anybody notice that Kosovo has named a street after President Bush?  I think it possible given their judgment is so much more generous for the president then that of the electorate that we might be missing something that they see far more clearly.
  • Speaking of Hanson, he has a great bit up in The Corner.

    I’m very puzzled by the nexus between the current downturn and concern about global warming. Given that we were told we had to immediately cut back on carbon emissions (even before sustainable alternative energies are in place), largely by curbing our lavish energy-dependent lifestyles, why then all the concern about stimuli and global depression? Surely, the world right now is sort of what the radical Gorists wanted to see, since the current cutback in gasoline usage, and general economic slowdown are radically restricting the burning of fossil fuels in a manner that even the most optimistic green utopian could hardly have envisioned just few years ago?

    Well, exactly. There’s no way in the world that the bkind of draconian nonsense that Gore and his tribe of misfits wanted… and still want… to impose on us, wouldn’t have resulted in exactly the economic downturn we are now seeing.  Is there any recovery then from our current downturn, if we allow Gore and company to have their way on energy?

  • The story that David mentioned the other night about somebody in the Santa suit opening fire and then burn the place to the ground killing… I guess the total was seven people it the time? Apparently the count is up to nine, now. Ten if you include the guy himself, according to what the reports I’m hearing. What would drive someone t that point? I hear, he got pretty well trounced in a divorce.  She even took his dog, I hear…… I’m not going to defend the guys actions, by any stretch.  But if we’re to truly understand the question of what drove into that point, we have to consider what was going on in his life.  It strikes me as not implausible that those events could trigger that kind of response.
  • Look, Glenn, Anybody who elects a Democrat figuring that it will result in spending cuts on the whole,  probably deserves a rubber room at the Washington Laughing Academy.  Or, possibly a place in the editorial board of the New York Times.
  • Heads up to the guys at Cox and Forkum: We need you back.
  • Venlet has a string of Sub-Prime posts you’ll want to read.
  • Want to stimulate the economy? Eliminate all taxes for 6 months. No, really, think about it. It’ll end up being less expensive than letting the government decide where to put our money. And of course given that there’s a Democrat in the White House just now and that they are totally in control of Congress means that our chances of that actually happening are approximately that of the snowball in a campfire. Alas, so too, our chances of economic recovery anytime soon, thereby.
  • So Oprah fell for another fake? And yet still endorses the thing? Gee, big shock. After all, look who she endorsed for President. Think her credibility is a problem after that?  Not nearly as much as it will after Obama gets in office, I think.  Speaking of credibility, there’s no small amount of irony here, given the story was uncovered by The New Republic… they of their own interesting blend of falsehoods.
  • Nothing like Israel defending itself from constant rocket attacks to drive the already mentally unhinged such as Glenn Greenwald and Ezra Klein..even further over the edge. Tell you what guys, why don’t we arrange for spending some time, the both of you, under where those rockets are falling, and see if your attitude doesn’t change a little.  I suggest you’d probably come back to reality damned fast, and realize that the fastest way to end a war is to win it.  Until that happens, I suppose we’ll have to put up with your moronic  outbursts, defending Hamas.  Bruce notes this at Q&O:

    Israel could sit like a bump on a log and never do anything and still suffer attacks because that is the Hamas mission in life. It is committed to Israel’s destruction. Klein and the NYT just can’t seem to get their head around that simple fact.

    Think now; Isn’t that pretty much the same deal we got from them with  AlQuieda?  They’re not about our detsruction, they’s simply reacting to or being on their turf, and other such nonsense arguments?  I’m to the point now where I say that the only way that situation is going to come to peace is if the war gets fought to a conclusion. As I keep saying, peace is a product of havng won the war waged against you. That means not laying down arms until the job’s done. I say let Israel level Gaza. Peace will come when Israel has the parking stripes painted on the place. They’ve had the justification for 20 years at least to do exactly that.

  • Before we leave the topic of Gaza altogether, check this from A Blog for All.  I suppose Klein and Greenwald know more than the people under the rockets, huh? Well, it’s clear they think they do.
  • Sister Toldjah does her usual good job at exposing double standards. I for one was glad when she got the job over at Right Wing News. Smart guy, Hawkins.
  • OK, the Bills may have tanked at 7 and 9 when they should have been far better off. Underacheievers, certainly.   The Cowboys are certainly under achievers, given the blowout yesterday, and perhaps there’s some justification for the Cowboy fans to be howling for the head of Wade Phillips, as I did with Buffalo a few years ago.  But the Lions? My freinds, there’s a case study of under-achievement for the ages; The first team in history to go 0 and 16. Rather like the city itself, of late. But here’s the thing; Does anyone really figure that any of these teams are going to do anything in terms of coaching but take someone else’s failed cast-offs? Explain to me how the leauge is helped by shuffling the coaching deck chairs. None of these teams is going to do anything but marginal improvements, if they dont’ reach outside the already tried and failed. Maybe the easiest thing for them to do is scream and bitch that they need a bailout.
  • Quintuplets on the first try, huh?  Why do I get the impression that this is going to be her last try?
  • Doctors and finally decided to start piping up about some of the pure hucksterism coming out of the Hollywood left, as regards their theories about health. At what point can we start questioning their theories about other kinds of science, for example the environment? Yes, the aforementioned Oprah among them.

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