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Miss Andrea Sullivan Dissed By Her Own Website

Posted by Patrick Appel, quest blogging on Daily Dish, [1] Miss Andrea Sullivan’s blog, with respect to her obsession with proving Trig Palin to be a bastard::

I don’t believe Sarah Palin is capable of pulling off such a cover-up. And, like Alex Massie and John Schwenkler, I don’t understand what is being accomplished by continued investigation

More,  Michelle Malkin [2]:

Andrew Sullivan’s staffer: Yes, my boss is deranged

And, Sister Toldjah [3]:

Patrick Appel, a colleague of Andrew Sullivan’s, is guestblogging for him this week while he’s away (presumably to seek help) and one of his first posts is one in which he takes on the “facts” Sullivan has asserted about Gov. Palin’s Trig pregnancy.

You tell me and we will both know.