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The Puffster, a/k/a Tom Daschle, is claiming, albeit without evidence, that somehow Obamacare would be a boom to our economy, Laura Meckler, Wall Street Journal:

WASHINGTON — Former Sen. Tom Daschle, who is slated to oversee health-care policy in the Obama administration, is kicking off the effort to pass a comprehensive health-care plan.

In a speech to be delivered Friday in Denver, Mr. Daschle will say, “The president-elect made health-care reform one of his top priorities of his campaign, and I am here to tell you that his commitment to changing the health-care system remains strong and focused.”

Sure Puff, just like Castrocare is such boon to the Cuban economy.

The leftards just shucked a brick, Stuart Taylor, Jr, National Journal,  comes out in favor of illegal surveillance:

Obama will have a choice: He can give the Left what it wants and weaken our defenses. Or he can follow the advice of his more prudent advisers, recognize that Congress, the courts, and officials including Attorney General Michael Mukasey have already moved to end the worst Bush administration abuses — and kick the hard Left gently in the teeth. I’m betting that Obama is smart and tough enough to do the latter.

BO campaigned with steady drone of Bush, policies, failed.   Yet more and more BO is faced with dilemma of protecting the country or appeasing the left.   It is really going to become difficult to maintain the meme of Forty-Three as the Worst President ever, with BO adopting so many of the Bush policies.

O.J Simpson sentencing, Ashley Powers and Harriet Ryan, Los Angeles Times:

“When you take a gun with you and you take men with you in a show of force, that is not just a ‘Hey, give me my stuff back.’ That’s something else and that’s what happened here,” the judge [Jackie Glass] said.

Sure Bit already posted on this but what the heck.   Maybe Simpson didn’t study the meaning of armed robbery at Southern Cal?

Yet another Kennedy in the Senate, Glenn Thrush:

(The Politico) Caroline Kennedy, the previously publicity-shy daughter of JFK, is putting out feelers about a possible appointment to replace Hillary Clinton, according to Democratic insiders.

The usually spot-on AP team of Barrett and Fouhy is reporting that Kennedy has already spoken to Gov. David Paterson, citing unnamed sources

I am no fan of the Kennedy clan.  I am old enough to survived the Kennedy administration.   However the Kennedy clan is quite sexist.   There males are all reprobates.   The only class in found among the females.   Caroline may be the best of a sorry lot.   Caroline would be a far better choice than who lunatic cousin RFK, Jr and would the first senator with song named after her.

It figures:

Homosexual and transgender activists are thrilled over Obama’s picks for his transition teams and for his Cabinent picks

Cold day on the Canal,   The temperature, what little there was of it, was in the high twenties yesterday.   So what do three men, all over fifty talk about, hunting antelopes with flintlocks.  I don’t know how many New York State hunters hunt with flintlocks, but talked to two of them today.

Paging Bob Villa, Rochester Democrat & Chronicle:

The city went looking for a developer Thursday interested in saving Midtown Plaza Tower from demolition.

But not the tower as people see it today. First, the city would strip the 17-story structure down to its steel framework, removing the building’s exterior, main roof, plumbing and interior walls

This would have to be the World’s biggest remodeling job.   Where is Bob Villa when you need him?

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One Response to “Breakfast Scramble”

  1. About your Midtown story…
    Paetec, the company who made such grandiose plans… a 37 floor tower, has now reduced those plans to nine floors. That was a few weeks ago. Now, yesterday, the company laid off 222 of it’s workers, and is making unofficial noises about more.

    Here again we see when the City of Rochester ties into a deal, it picks the lamest possible deal. I’ve written before about the ferry and the High Falls districts… both abortive attempts, both costing the city millions.

    This is just one more such.