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Baby P Case Waddles Along Toward…. No Resolution At All

I remakred the other day [1]¬†about “Baby P”

As an update for you…

The BBC dryly reports what little consequence [2]has come out of this horror

Three people have been suspended on full pay from Haringey Council after a “damning” inspectors’ report into the case of Baby P.

This includes Sharon Shoesmith, the head of children’s services at the north London council.

Council leader George Meehan and the authority’s cabinet member for children, Liz Santry, have resigned.

The 17-month-old boy died despite being on the child protection register and being seen by professionals 60 times.

The boy’s mother has pleaded guilty and her boyfriend and a lodger have been convicted of charges relating to the baby’s death.

Haringey Council confirmed that as well as Ms Shoesmith, Cecilia Hitchen, deputy director of children and families; and Clive Preece, head of children in need and safeguarding services, have been suspended on full pay.

The positions of three other staff – Gillie Christou, Maria Ward and Sylvia Henry – are subject to review and they are not undertaking child protection duties pending further investigation, the council said.

Here’s the thing; Does anyone doubt there’d be murder charges up on any such death where the government was not osetensibly involved?¬†

The gears of government work first to cover their own glutes.

So, how is it that government si to protect the eviroemnt, the economy, healthcare and more, when they can’t do something rather simple… like keeping a helpless 3 year old from getting the snot beat out of him as a matter of routine?