Eric Florack on December 21st, 2008

Let me give you just a small taste of the snow we’ve been getting around here. For the first time in a few years there doesn’t seem much doubt about a white Christmas around here. As usual, click once to get the description, and click the pic again to get the high resolition version.

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davidl on December 21st, 2008

Star LaBranche,  In Cold Blog, reviews Crystal  Gail Mangum’s epic work of fiction,  The Last Dance for Grace: The overall problem with Crystal’s memoirs is her total lack of credibility. She lied about so much, how can anyone have faith in what she writes? Even the most minute details are subject to critical examination. Also, Crystal’s […]

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Eric Florack on December 21st, 2008

I wanted to pass along a couple of pictures that were passed along to me by readers last year. I never got the chance to use them last season because I didn’t see them until well after new year’s. But now seems as good a time as any to post them. in case you don’t […]

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