The Lions lost again today.

Ummm… 47 to 10.

That’s a high school Basketball score… which is fitting because it appears to me that the local high school basketball team could beat the Lions at football.

The Thanksgiving tradition in the NFL has been to put Detroit on the tube. Why? It’s not like they’ve got a hope in hell of actually winning. Once in my lifetime… once… the Lions won a playoff game. That’s 50 years worth of losing records, gang.

Ford makes a hell of a car. However their football team is putting putting what fans they have left, through hell. And the rest of the country, through boredom as we watch them get their cheeks handed to them every Thanksgiving day.

It’s time to get a new team on, on Thanksgiving. And it’s time for new ownership in Detroit.

Or a new city behind the Lions.

Here’s to 0 and 16, guys. You deserve it.

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2 Responses to “Why Do They Bother?”

  1. The Cowboys won. 😉

  2. Yeah, Len, I notice that.  Of course, there WERE playing Seattle.
    Who has Seattle beaten this year?
    The Rams… And SanFran.

    If the ‘boys hadn’t won that, where do you think Phillips would be receiving his unemployment check?