There’s a reason why Obama and his people are so busy back peddling from the goals they laid out during the campaign; reality.

Robert Stacy McCain  says it well:

Details, however, were not the Obama campaign’s strongest selling point. Rather, Obama succeeded by capitalizing on the kind of boundless Hope that prompted a Florida woman, Peggy Joseph, to her memorable declaration after a late-October campaign rally: “I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car; I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgage. You know, if I help him, he’s gonna help me.”

Such irrational expectations are inevitably followed by disillusionment. No prediction of what the next four years might bring is safer than this: The yawning gap between Hope and reality will produce a bumper crop of ex-Democrats.

It’s happened with every Democrat POTUS in my lifetime, as Mccain notes:

Every Democratic president since Lyndon Johnson has driven millions of his erstwhile supporters into the GOP ranks, and there is no reason to expect that Obama will break this precedent. Indeed, the absurdly inflated hopes generated by Obama’s campaign practically guarantee that his tenure in the White House will leave many Democrats bitterly disappointed — some so bitter that they become ex-Democrats like me.

A must read.

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