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Site Matters

BitsBlog system upgrade to WordPress v2.6.5 is complete.

No errors, no problems apparent.

Just a few minor bugfixes in this upgrade, and a few code changes for security at the Linux level. Since this blog runs on a Windows server, you shouldn’t notice any difference.

Addendum: (Bit): Looks like the MCE editor I installed a week or so back was causing problems for some folks.  Apparently when you opened a single post, and themn moved away, it was asking if you really want to do that.  Apparently the code combo figured you were there only to leave a comment. It’s been removed, for now.

Addendum II: (Bit):

Did some further cleanup today.

I know all of this is ‘inside baseball’ stuff. But what the heck; I’m making an effort to let folks know what’s going on in the background here, because there’s been a lot of changes. It’s a bit less of a shock when you see the new looks I’m throwing at you, if you know what I’m doing. And anyway, you guys are as likely to see problems resulting from these changes as I am. If you have problems, tell me in feedback. Thanks.