We’ve been told often enough that what happens in film, and on TV, is disconnected from reality. So, too, it appears, are the actors, themselves.

LOS ANGELES -(AP)- The Screen Actors Guild said Saturday it will ask its members to authorize a strike after its first contract talks in four months with Hollywood studios failed despite the help of a federal mediator.


“We have already made difficult decisions and sacrifices in an attempt to reach agreement,” the statement said. “Now it’s time for SAG members to stand united and empower the national negotiating committee to bargain with the strength of a possible work stoppage behind them.”

By way of OTB, where Joyner says:

It’s difficult to imagine a less sympathetic labor class — or one less in need of collective bargaining — than Hollywood actors.

Indeed. A down economy is exactly the time to strike, right, guys?

What was I saying about Unions killing America?

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    Keep up the good work, and keep your powder dry.

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    Thanks, Guy. I’ve actually been working on it for a couple weeks now.

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