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Redefining the Left As the Center

I’ve been pondering a post over at Riehl World View [1] for a few days, now. Here’s part of it.

First, for the Moonbats who might scream because I believe Barack Obama is “un-American,” well, sorry, but he is.

When I use the term, I am referring to people, institutions and politicians who believe in something different from what the Founding Fathers envisioned for this country. And Obama is surely that. I don’t care about his “centrist” rhetoric. I imagine he’ll try and play nice. But the man is a Leftist and Leftism is un-American by definition. So chew on that.

But he isn’t going to try and “move America Left.” He and like-minded individuals are going to try and re-define the Center of American politics, thereby making the Left seem more centrist. Watch what he does below the headlines with regulatory agencies and such. That’ll be the better clue as to his real agenda.

He’s a collectivist through and through. And collectivism and the basic premise of American exceptional-ism are two very different things.

Obama and the Democrats are going to try and use the current financial crisis to re-make this country more in the model of modern Europe than traditional America. And in that they must not be allowed to succeed.

Obama un-american? Yep. So too, his supporters, I think.

That said, in all honesty, this was Clinton’s ploy, per then- Clinton- loyalist Dick Morris; Make the left appear mainstream.


Certainly, it managed to get the man elected.  Riehl is correct, here, when he says the whole thing tilts left the moment Obama gets the reins, and we have Clinton’s administration and it’s history as documentation. And maybe, just maybe, that’s a major reason why so many Clintonistas Hillary, included, are mixed in with the overt socialist/Marxist crowd in his list of Administration candidates?

Speaking of the latter, does anyone remember this picture?

Does anyone now suppose that there was no political meaning for such a poster being up in an Obama office?

Look, granted that is a long leap between the Ameriucan center and these people. But that’s what Obama managed to sell to enough people.  We’re about to pay the piper on that, I fear.