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Friday!!!  TGIF! 

Last warm day of the year up here, most likely. We got to 65 or so today… that makes it nearly 5 days in a row. Not really all that odd, but as the number of warm days dwindles, you tend to cherish ever one of them, to the point where you relish pressing the weather envelope a bit. We went camping one year a few Novembers ago. Was in the 70’s all weekend. Was raining the morning we were to go home, as we broke camp. I have pictures of the rig parked at a truckstop in Erie, with snow falling on it at a good clip. Much have made a jarring sight on the open road that day.

OK, enough… Lots to talk about today, as always, so let’s get to it.

Oh.. before I forget…have some pizza, it’s fresh. 


  • A nod to Rodney, who awarded Uncle Bit yet another honorable mention at OTB’s Caption contest.
  • So it now turns out that the vote this time around was the same number of voters as ’04. If we take for granted that a lot of new voters were brought into this election, then the answer to the question is that those who voted for Bush last time, stayed home, this time… as I suggested they would in my prediction of last October. So much for the much rumbled about ‘Bradley effect’.  I wonder if it ever existed except in the minds of those looking for an excuse for bradley’s loss. However that is, it’s as I said last October, the difference is the Republican base which was intentionally disengaged by McCain and who are the ones who stayed home, apparently deciding Obama couldn’t be a whole bunch worse than McCain. I think they’re wrong, and they are about to find out just how wrong… but there it is; That’s what won the election for Obama.  There’s a lesson there for ‘2012, assuming we live so long.
  • So, the Not-So Reverend Jerry Wright thinks he was used by the press?  Funny, I don’t seem to recall him being dragged kicking and screaming into that room at the National Press Club (here’s a transcript)  All they did, Jerry, was give you someplace to stick your own foot in your own mouth. Tell you something else, too; This activity surrounding him just now is an attempt at redemption. Bit of irony there, given his ostensive profession.
  • I made mention yesterday of the push by Senate Democrats to oust Joe Lieberman from their caucus, and to take away his chairmanship.  I didn’t say as much yesterday, but in thinking on this now, I recognize I should have… I can’t think of a better signal, bar shouting, that the Senate is about lurching left, something Lieberman wasn’t about to do, particularly as regards policy toward Israel.  I wonder if the folks in the Knesset are watching this.
  • Did you notice this quote from Michael Irvin? Sorry, but this I think shows us the kind of mentality we’re up against. I’ve said for a long time now that support for Obama was not based in fact, but rather pure emotion… and thereby mere fact could not defeat him. This quote would seem to lend itself to that point. Look, I understand Irvin has never been the sharpest axe if the shed. But he unwittingly verbalizes here, the motivations of the majority of Obama supporters.  Perhaps just as important, I wonder if he doesn’t represent the body of greymatter behind him, as well.
  • Is there anyone on the planet who doesn’t understand that what the government is being asked to bail out in Detroit wouldn’t NEED bailing out, save for the outrageous pay and benefit arrangements demanded by the UAW and other unions?
  • So Science, it seems, has recently discovered that a rock can soak up CO2.Ummmm Guys? Ever heard of coal? What do you suppose it sucked up? Why would CO2 be any different?  Of course now, watch… how to get at this rock to solve global warming? Mining. Usually, the same methods used to mine coal… including strip mining.  Just let that roll around for a while. You’ll get it.
  • Glenn Greenwald is most likely the most dishonest person on the web… and given some of the nutjobs we have on the web these days that’s saying something.  Sullivan runs a close second, of course. In light of that when I see Greenwald wanting DOMA repealed, I regard it, on an instinctive level as most likely the best argument anyone’sever offered for keeping it in place.  And guess what? 30 states agree… with DOMA. .. not Greenwald.
  • Stocks UP  on post election response and somewhat worse than expected job numbers? I’ve said it for a long time, there’s no logic to it that mere mortals can fathom. You just know Obama’s people are hitting the prayer mats every night Bush’s efforts at getting things going again pay off, and Soros and his money are working toward that end, too… because the improvements will likely kick in, if they do, about the the end of January.. giving Obama the opportunity to credit himself for the numbers. Of course if they dont the people will be likely just as willing to credit him with the numbers, if you catch my drift.
  • If you’re planning to vacation at the Sands, you may want to rethink.
  • Did you know Rahm Emmanuel was running Freddie Mac during the scandal? So where was this report when he was running Obama’s campaign? Sister Toldjah notes this and wonders if we’l see Barney Frank nominated to a post at Treasury.  I fully expect the answer will be ‘yes’, if it’s decided that the Democrats have their veto-proof majority without him.  There’s not much I’d put past Obama, Sis.
  • Sis also notes the meme going around about how RFK JR is being offered EPA. And watch closely, this fight involving Dingle, Pelosi and Waxman. It’s taking on envro-whack-job overtones, too. I’m telling you gang, we’re headed for unmitigated disaster with these people.
  • Yes, I saw this bit with Barney the dog  and I’ll tell you this…. The tape is an object lesson in how not to approach a strange dog, particularly with a large number of strangers around.  What an idiot.
  • I wacthed this murder trial with Skylar Deleon, and it seems fairly cut and dried. The reccomendation of the jury… death… should be carried out without delay. Alas, it won’t be. Obama will be out of office before he’s frog marched to the gurney. I confess that until just now, though I didn’t know what the ‘former child actor’ stuff was all about, until I looked it up.  Not very impressive, really, though I don’t know why that would make a difference. But I notice all the news agencies are treating it like it was. I’m just a little uncomfortable on that point. Seems to me about a half step away from casting him in the role of the victim in all of this.  That kind of thinking leads to some rather shaky thought processes. In considering that, I also want you to consider something else, here. Jennifer Deleon, Skylar Deleon, Kennedy, Alonso Machain, 22, Pico Rivera, and Myron Gardner Sr., are accused of participating in the murder of the Hawks… the purpose of the murder?  To take their $440,000 boat and life savings. They’re rich. We’re not, we’ll take it from them, being the plan.  So casting these murderers as vicims, justifiys the theft, and muder?  Explain to me, please, how this mentality is any different from the election of a redistributionist. Is stealing someone’s lifesavings …supopsedly to help the ‘victims’ of society…. any less a theft when one uses the power of government to do it, as Obama proposes to do?
  • Yeah, I’m not happy about this, either, Billy.  Seems to me the question arises, though just what it is, objectively, he’s tired OF, to say no more.
  • John Hawkins, who we will always reccomend you read, looks at the differemces between the post election on 00 and 04 and today. Revealing, I think.
  • Here’s a vid about government schools.

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