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Yet another Monday, and only three shopping days left until ‘Black Friday”.

  • Thanks for the feedback abot the new latout.  It pleases me it works for you. I musts say, this transition was a bit easier than some we’ve done.
  • I’ve gotten the PDA feed working in this format. If it’s not working for you, leave me some feedback, telling me, and telling me what kind of PDA you’re using. It shouldn’t need any intervention from you to work well.
  • Now they’re starting to make noise abut bailing out network TV? Oh, come on, folks. Enough is too much, already.
  • These tax issues keep popping up for Charlie Rangel. There’s yet another on the table this afternoon. At what point do the leftist press start calling for his ouster? Drain the Swamp, remember?
  • I see where a judge has ordered noise violators to listen to Barry Manilow. I’d call it cruel and unusual punishment… and I’m waiting for someone to make that case. Doubtless they’ll be listening to Barry’s cover of AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell”. Sister Toldjah notes Michelle Malkin is on this as well, and says other songs used include Barney the Dinosaur, and The Platters “Only You”.  Hmmm. I dunno as Tony Wilson’s voice was ever torture… unless it’s getting played 300 times or so. Which come to think of it, was what working at a top 40 station in the 70’s was like, with the Manilow stuff. Or, Barney and Thomas the Tank engine through two kids, for that matter.
  • Record numbers of voters in Venezuela. My guess is twofold: crazy Uncle Hugo loses, bigtime; and he won’t accept the loss. Actually, the second is no guess; He’s threatening use of Russian warships against his own people. Oh, don’t misunderstand me; the news will report Chavez has won bigtime. I seem to recall Cuba doing it the same way. It’s amazing to me that anyone thnks this guy is electable, without resorting to force. Then again, Obama amazes on that score, too.. and there’s much similarity between them, in the end.
  • Reason Magazine has an interesting article up today.

    But now that he has won the presidency and must, as the cliché goes, shift from campaigning to governing, Obama and his economic team will have to face up to a paradox that most of the media overlooked during the campaign. Namely, the Obama campaign’s twin messages of bashing deregulation and embracing the Clinton years were inherently contradictory. Bill Clinton signed nearly every deregulatory measure that John McCain backed—the same measures that are now being blamed (wrongly) for helping cause the current crisis. What’s more, Clinton administration officials have credited these policies for contributing to the ’90s economic boom—the very “shared prosperity” that Obama says he wants to go back to.”In 1993,” the document explained, “the laws that governed America’s financial service sector were antiquated and anti-competitive. The Clinton-Gore Administration fought to modernize those laws to increase competition in traditional banking, insurance, and securities industries to give consumers and small businesses more choices and lower costs.”

    Everything in those passages is true. All that’s missing is credit to the GOP-controlled Congress elected in 1994 for passing most of the policies that led to the prosperity. But the Clinton administration, whatever its personal and policy flaws, should indeed be praised for signing and advocating this deregulation. These bipartisan financial policies, however, were the very same policies that Obama, running mate Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) and other Democrats attacked during the campaign. “Let’s, first of all, understand that the biggest problem in this whole process was the deregulation of the financial system,” Obama proclaimed in the second presidential debate.

    Funny how few remembered this one. One wonders if that whole thing wasn’t part of the driver for making Hillary Clinton a Secratary of State… so he wouldn’t get reminded in a few weeks time. As I’ve been saying in another venue, Obama is finding his rhetoric is having to be toned down, altered, or just outright reversed, to mesh with reality. This adjustment is now being pushed by the left as ‘proof’ that Obama is in fact a centrist, not the whack-job leftist he made himself out to be. Well, first off, no. He’s no centrist, because he still thinks the nonsense he offered us during the campaign is a good idea. This backtracking we’re seeing now is just Obama recognizing he can’t do what he promised.

    And think now; he’s not even been sworn in, yet. Clinton at least waited until het got his hand off the Bible and onto Monica Lewisnsky, before he pulled a 180, saying he tried, but couldn’t ‘give us’ the tax relief he’d promised…. As I pointed out earlier today, it’s happened with every Democrat since Johnson. You’d think they’d take the hint.

  • The old double standard again. The Obama girls are going to be attending Friends school… the same Chelsea Clinton went to. So much for trusting government schools.  And Obama looks to be riding in a gas guzzler Limo. He’ll get a pas there, too. Is there anything wrong with either?  Of course not. Perhaps next time, we might dispense with the usual class warfare BS that invariably shows up during elections, only to be forgotten once they win the election? Nah, you and I both know better. What else, after all, would they have to run on? Just once, though, I’d like to see a Democrat actually do as they expect the mere peons to do. Or perhaps, even better, stop making such demands of the proletariat altogether. (And no, that word is not an idle choice… that’s how the left view us. Guess where that comes from?)
  • The pee-to-water machine on the Space station isn’t working right. See, that’s what’s always bothered me about that thing; What happens when it breaks, or you get fixing it, wrong? And how’d YOU like to be the one to find out it’s fouled up? I’ve often wondered if they weren’t using such a contraption on the coffee machines at work.
  •  The “Steal an election for Franken” campaign continues apace.
  • Word from the “Radio Equalizer” that Alan colmes is leaving Hannity and Colmes.  My guess? PMSNBC’s been offering him bucks.
  • My Bills won bigtime, over the weekend over KC… 54 to 31. That’s more points allow by KC than during any other game in their history. That may sound impressive, until you consider the idea that KC hasn’t won a game in forever, losing 19 of their last 20 games.  One of the funniest moments of the game for me came when we heard the morons at CBS intone words to the effect that the KC Coach, Herm Edwards was making such improvements, and was doing such a good job.  What the hell would Edwards have had to have done to be called out by CBS for doing a bad job?  As the saying goes to get into trouble with those two flapping morons, he’d have had to have been caught in bed with a dead girl, or a live boy. I have to wonder if Dick Jauron wuld get the same treatment for the same given performance.  I doubt it.  Anyway, look, Bills fans… the game was a rout, no question… and it should have been…. though I’ll admit the rout was a bit louder than expected. A nice confidence builder for the Bills, particualrly for Bills QB Trent Edwards, who needed it. In the next few weeks, we’ll see if that new self-confidence is justified. That’s always the trick, isn’t it?
  • This sounds like good advice. I wonder who will object?
  • The war on Christmas continues.  I say we are diminished by stuff like this.
  • Bruce McQuain, to his credit, has been saying for some time that an Obama win would have Israel going after Iran’s Nukes before the swearing in. Looks like that prediction is true, as I suspected.
  • Dead from deoderant use? Okaaaaaayyyyy…
  • By way of Conservative Grapevine, The fake street sign project.  They must have been watching Nightly Ramble’s ever changing lead-in graphics.

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