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  • I shouldn’t have to tell you the amount of heat I’m taking for my stand on Unions. Boortz, today touches on this, too…

    Yesterday we talked at length about the auto industry and how it is completely drowning because of unions. Here’s a small scale union story for you …Detroit is trying to clean up its image. In efforts to do so, the city council wants to give a $200,000 contract to a non-profit organization dedicated to the reforestation of the city. It’s being called The Greening of Detroit. The group made up of volunteers would plant 2,000 saplings in neighborhoods that have been plagued by some invasive species.

    Enter the local union: AFSCME Local 542. This union has now stalled the City Council from authorizing this agreement for The Greening of Detroit. Why? Because the local union sees this as competition for the city’s 50 forestry workers and they believe that the city is outsourcing THEIR jobs by allowing this non-profit organization to plant trees. Instead, this union would rather the government spend the $200,000 on trees and then pay the union workers to do the labor on top of that … rather than allowing these volunteers to plant the trees for free.

    Do you even begin to understand how many different ways this is wrong? this is just one of many such things that have cross my desk… and some of the people calling this stuff to my attention… including this example from Neal… are themselves union members.
    By the way, Neal… welcome to the blogging world. It’s about time.

  •   Why do I get the feeling from Barney Frank’s reaction to Paulson’s announcement yesterday, that he had some motive for the bank bailouts that he wasn’t telling us about?  His complaints certainly don’t make sense on the grounds he’s presenting them. When you see that great a leap from reality to the argument presented, you know there’s some other motivation. Can it be he was still hoping to use the toxic properties as ‘public housing’? I have little enough faith in governmental processes now… when this guy is involved my trust factor goes to zero. As, may I add, should your own.
  • Did anyone really think BDS was going to be gone once the Bush Administration’s terms ended? Think again. What we have here is a movement to make opposition to Democrat wet dreams, criminal.
  • Meanwhile of course dirty tricks against Republicans are legal, and cheered in some quarters.
  • And Henke still thinks we can work with Democrats?   No, Jon.  Not only ‘no’, but ‘HELL NO!”  There is no negotiations with Democrats No compromise.  None. The experience of both Bushes and John McCain  and ahost of others, should have taught you that much, and proven it to you beyond any question. They tried the route of compromise, and as I predicted back in 91 and 92 they got handed their asses for their trouble. It happens every time.  What’s interesting is the number of people who are seeing this fact, and reacting correctly to it.
  • Oil’s now at $55/bbl, in case you’re still following that. How often did I get pounded by morons for suggesting last August that $40/bbl was likely in the near term? Let me just say: SITYS. Understand; How long the price stays there depends on how the Democrats deal with Energy going forward. If they retrench their ‘no drill’ policy, as seems likely to me, prices will go right back where they were… $140 plus. Remember, they view short oil supply is something to be sought, not avoided. They think Americans paying sky high prices for energy is a good thing.  Just one of the many examples where compomise isn’t possible.
  •  Billy mentions Bruce’s yesterday post about the New York Times and the financial problems they face. Personally, the place sliding into New York Harbor sludge wouldn’t hurt my feelings any, but I’ll say I’d like to see somone like Murdoch snap the place up. It’d be interesting to see if he could make the place into a real news outlet. It’d be more interesting to see what effect that would have, not only on heir circulation figures, but on the news business in general. The injection of honesty would be revealing, I think.
  • BTW, Billy… did you see the Nuge is back?
  • Oh, come on, now… a little early for this don’t you think?
  • And speaking for Palin… Now, they retract, damage already having been done. No hard feelings, what?
  • Speaking of the damage already being done by the time something gets done abut the problem, I see the Catholic Church finally got round to cutting off ACORN funding. About bloody time.

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