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Midweek. Three inches of snow on the ground and a few thousand morons who can’t remember how to drive in the stuff, every friggin one of them aimed at my fenders. Had to be at least a dozen people drove off the road, along my usual 20 mile drive into work this morning… most of them econo-boxes, inclduing two Priuses, which did my heart good. Meanwhile, my little Rainier did just fine. Not even a twich of lost traction. Now, if I can keep the morons out of the way, I’ll be fine. Let’s get to this.

  • I see Romney finally figured this thing out with the UAW Bailout. That he’s so vocal about this now means we’ll be seeing him in the presidental horse races in ’12.
  • Oil groups are now predicting what I predicted here 6 months ago,: $40 oil.
  • Time magazine dropping 250 from it’s payroll. The Dinosaur is dying. Faster, please.
  • Will Obama negotiate with these animals, without preconditions as he clained?
  • Holder


    Ah, yes. Eric Holder. OK, maybe you don’t remember. He was, among other things, Clinton’s acting AG… and was the guy who was involved in the pardon of Marc Rich. Obama, the changemeister, wants Holder as AG. Not only is the not positive change, it doesn’t even qualify as change. Even the usually unstable FiredogLake (Who I will not link here) is starting to figure out not all is well:

    “I think I am having an aneurysm. Why in the name of all that is sensible would Barack Obama want a Clinton re-tread as AG? Not just any Clinton re-tread, nope, the brain trust behind the Marc Rich pardon. Do you know how many brilliant, talented lawyers with great judgment he has advising his campaign?”

    Well, maybe you guys should have vetted Obama a bit more, huh? I mean, you’re the ones who were about getting this guy elected. We toldyou his resume was shorter than a McDonald’s menu… Do you listen? Noooooooo. Oh… and since Holder is black, aren’t you being racist, Firedog, even asking such things? Isn’t that what you told us when we questioned Obama’s fitness to serve?

  • Speaking of Obama and reactions to him, did you know today is National Ammo day? Interesting timing, given what we suggested yesterday was a surge in firearm sales due to the election outcome and the economic problems.
  • Yes, it may be true that right of center bloggers will help remold the Republicans. Then again…
  • Can someone explain to me how we don’t have money for things we should be spening money on, and yet we have $23MUSD for a mural for the UN?
  • So, we have an obesity issue in this country. Yet we’re being told that Hunger is still a problem? Oh.. and it’s the kids… we need to help the kids….
  • Attention, Michelle Malkin. I’ve recently turned up evidence that laptop screens on D610 laptops do not work well after having coffee sprayed into them by an operator who has just opened up this page of yours.  Shame on you, and keep it up.
  • It’s particularly satisfying to me to see Chuck Hagel pack up up his office. He should have been gone long ago. The Democrats can have him. That slimeball will fit right in.
  • Leaving aside the ethical questions of using these things in modern society, one wonders about it’s usefulness in preventing cell phone triggered bombs.
  • Speaking of those kinds of things, we keep killing off these AQ types. Think they’ll get the message before they all meet at Allah’s place?
  • From the LATimes, we see that Jarek Molski can’t file any more lawsuits. As you might expect, there’s a pretty big backstory, here.

    The U.S. Supreme Court declined Monday to hear the case of Molski vs. Evergreen Dynasty Corp., owner of a Chinese restaurant in Solvang, Calif., in a legal Waterloo for the 38-year-old Woodland Hills man. Molski filed more than 400 suits under the Americans With Disabilities Act before a federal judge barred him from future litigation.In a highly unusual action in 2004, U.S. District Judge Edward Rafeedie, who has since died, branded Molski a “hit-and-run plaintiff,” accusing him of systematic extortion of businesses across California.

    Molski, who has used a wheelchair since a motorcycle accident two decades ago, sued restaurants, bowling alleys, wineries and other retail outlets for insufficient handicapped parking, misplaced handrails and other violations of the disabilities act, demanding that business owners be fined $4,000 for every day their facilities failed to meet exacting federal standards.

    Now, when the ADA first came out, it was clearly going to build into something along these lines.  Then again, so it has been for every leftist cause. Think about it; What did Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the rest make their money on? Molski, in short, was trying to become the white, paraplegic Jesse Jackson. Of course this stuff has it’s victims.

    I’d like you to consider other parallels, here. Remember our position that the faux concern over ‘redlining’ was in the end, what caused our current financial issues? What was that but a number of people using the court system in systematic extortion? I suggest the enviro-whackjob types can be similarly labeled.  Tort reform, anyone?

  • Now, how in the world would they know this?
  • Republicans: Watch this guy.
  • Bubba now says Chelsea Clinton is the “…most talented public servant I’ve ever worked with”, huh? I’ll tell you what’s up with that one… by virtue of her ostensibly being his daughter… she’s the first one he’s ever had to judge on abilities other than sucking the chrome off a trailer hitch.

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