My other title would have been Dewey wins.   This is simple.   Barack Obama would not keep his word as a candidate.  He will not keep his word as President.   As per Geraghty’s Law, all of BO’s statements come with expiration dates, including his promise to cut taxes for some ninety-five percent of Americans.

Obama is not a smart man.  He not an honest man.   Obama’s war on energy, gasoline, electricity, will drive the cost of living through the roof.   You were warned.  Now you will have to pay the price.   Life under the One will miserable.


Jimmy Carter wins re-election

And there it is, freinds.

Here’s the thing about that… Reagan happened because of the unmitigated disaster that is Jimmy Carter.  I guess some lessons need to be relearned every generation. It looks a perfect setup for a repeat. If Republicans actually find a real conservative among them in the next four years, Reagan will happen again. The bad news is we have to wait four years…. and may not survive four years under Democrats.

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