From the New York Slimes:

Today, we come together to mark a pivotal moment in our state’s history, a day that in the rhythm of democracy marks a transition and a new beginning.

It is with profound humility about the task that lies before us and filled with great hope for what I know we will achieve, that I stand before you to announce that Day One of our time for change has arrived.

Excerped from ex New York Governor Eliots Spitzer’s inaugural  speech delivered in Albany a mere six hundred eight-three days ago.   One January 2007 was to the “Day Everythings Changes.”   Like Barack Obama, Spitzer promised, over promised, change.  On his inauguration day, Spitzer was extremely popular.   Then Spizter rhetoric and arrogance met reality.   Like Obama, Spitzer promised change and was extremely arrogant.   Unlike Obama, Spitzer was also intelligent.

The Apex of the Obama administration will be  Wednesday, November 5.   Obama will give his first press conference in what weeks and it will start dawning on the American voters, that they were sold a Bill of Goods.   Obama can’t deliver on his promises, much less his expectations.   As soon the One has to start answering questions, it will become increasing obvious.

Bonus round, where will be the undisclosed location the Obama adminstration will keep Joe Biden?

Bleg, can anybody do a morph of Spitzer and Obama?

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