Raymond Hernandez, New York Times, is reporting yet more tax fraud on the part of Represnetative Charlie Rangel:

WASHINGTON – Representative Charles B. Rangel’s legal team is reviewing his tax records to determine whether the congressman received a homestead exemption on a house he owned in Washington while living in several rent-stabilized apartments in New York City.

While Mrs. Pelosi and the rest of her ‘rats think it is appropriate for Mr. Rangel to write you tax laws, Charlie does not see fit to obey them himself.   One standard for the Joe the Plumbers but another for the elites of Congress.    /We can and should demand better.

By my reckoning, Charlie has claimed five seperate residences, his four rent controlled apartments in New York City and his home in the District of Columbia, as his primary residence.  By the way, if Charlie is a legal resident of DC, he can not legally represent New York in Congress.

Hat tip:  Betsy Newmark, Betsy’s Page.

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