The results of last evenings debate are close enough that the spinners are having problems. Here’s a copy of the transcript.

As you’d expect CBS/CNN polling, for example, seems to feel Biden won. The left-O-Shpere is busy crowing Biden won, too.  Yet, CBS has called every debate since Reagan for the Democrat, so I’m not sure there’s credibility in the claim. And the leftie blogs never had any to start with.  Hell, they’re still focusing on things like Sarah Palin’s sex life.

Bottom line; I suppose and expect it’ll be a few days before we get a real picture of what people think about last night mostly because, they’ll need time to absorb and mull over what they’ve seen and heard. When stuff is coming at you quite so fast you don’t really have the ability to analiyze a lot of it on the fly. I think everyone’s going to need time to pick this over and find their footholds.

As an example of what needs a second look;  there are a number of people who are pointing out Biden’s lies. There were actually quite a few. However that may be, we won’t see the real reaction for days… and frankly I don’t consider the leftie spin to be real voter reaction.

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