Ummmmm…….    No.

Glenn points up this monring:

Lots of people are telling us McCain’s defeat is inevitable, but bear in mind that they’re mostly people who would prefer that pro-McCain voters stay home. Vote for McCain or not as you choose, but don’t stay home because people are telling you his defeat is inevitable. (The irony, of course, would be if Obama’s voters stayed home as a result of this line, but I assume his well-oiled vote-turnout machine will prevent that). Anyway, here’s what the David Bernstein has to say about inevitability. Wasn’t Hillary inevitable once, too?

(Emph is mine)  That’s an important point, people, don’t discount it.  Obama couldn’t close the deal on that one either,  remember. I look at the amount of money Obama is spending, and seeing that even with that money, he’s only able to buy himself a virtual tie?   Apparently, as before he’s not able to close the deal here, either.

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