Tuesday, already.

  • So, let me understand this. If I were to hang ain effegy, Joe Biden, Pelosi, Reid, or even Obama, the left in Hollywood wouldn’t be screaming bloody murder about it? Yeah, right.
  • As a loyal Buffalo Bills fan, I usually don’t have a whole bunch of love for Wayne Huizenga, owner of the Miami Dolphins. But this may actually make me think twice about giving the man some props. Surber says it well:

    The rich are not tied down. They can skate out of taxes. The middle class can’t.

    Hey, that Alternative Minimum Tax was supposed to snare only millionaires when it was imposed 40 years ago.

    How come 24 million Americans are snagged by it?

    Vote Democrat, open wallet. Repeat.


  • Apparently, this lesson needs to be taught again. (Sigh) OK, leave at the side of the road the arguments about since when is it government’s job to determine who has how much money… leave aside the issue of personal property, , all of that.   Even assuming we were able to take the whole of the money the top 5% in this country has… all of it…. No percentage.  no cut. Every last penny they have goes into the Federal government… It’s still not going to be nearly enough to pay for Obama’s plans for government entitlements. The real money, you see is in the middle class. Once the ruse of ‘tax the rich’ is done, whose wallet do you suppose the Democrats will have their hands in? If they thought that kinda money was going to be enough, why do you suppsoe they’re already talking about stealing your 401k?
  • See, notice in all the bloody screaming going on over the questions asked by Barb West at WFTV and the CBS outlet in Philly,  and whoever else dares to challange Biden, the issue that’s not being addressed by Obama and Biden is the actual answers to the questions being asked. And notice that most of them center ion his tax policy. And that’s what all this comes down to, in the end. Biden has addressed everything but these questions… and there’s a reason for that. They don’t want us to know about those plans. Want more? And you want to know why Biden’s catching all this flack?  Fine. The reason Biden’s getting all these questions because Obama, for all of his screaming about Palin not being available to the press, Obama has himself not given a press conference in a month now. All we’ve been hearing from him is the rethorical… oblique references to a “higher prupose”… Funny thing; wasn’t that what Castro called it? Do a little research, and I’m sure you’ll find it was.
  • Ann Althouse has an interesting take on Palin. These role reversing things are usually quite revealing.
  • Did you see the news that the person who used Ohio state computers to dig up dirt on Joe the Plumber, is an Obama Donor? Gave (at least) the most he could legally give… Michelle notes the thing and asks if privacy champions are going to leap to Joe’s aid. You know better, Michelle.
  • An Honorable mention for the Boss at OTB’s caption Contest.  By the way, I’m starting to develop a bit of respect for Rodney’s political chops. James should turn the guy loose a bit more, I think. (grin)
  • Look, Mark… it doesn’t take a ‘careful reader’ to understand what the proper response to a broken law is. You defeat your own argument by attempting to dance around that issue. That both McCardle, (who I frequent disagree with), and Reynolds, (who, frankly,  I’m mostly indifferent to) recognize the next logical step after recognition of an illegal activity, and yet you deny that obvious conclusion, speaks volumes to me.  Are we to assume that what you’re saying is that it’s OK so long as nobody finds out about it?   I can’t help but wonder if such activity were found to surround McCain’s campaign, if you’d be trying to play this line… and I doubt it. You’re obviously in the tank for Obama, and trying to adjust your logic around the illegal activities attendant to some of his supporters. I’ve been saying for months that the only way Obama’s being elected can be justified is if the voter ignores logic. Thanks for demonstrating the point so aptly for me.
  • Speaking of criminal activity….Ted Stevens was found guilty yesterday. Good. Keep in mind, that whole thing got started not by Democats, but by by Sarah Palin. Good for her. Though I find the timing of the conviction of interest.
  • Yeah, I saw about the skinhead plot to knock off Obama. Supposedly. Of course, it should be noted even they didn’t figure they’d be able to do it. I don’t take such things very seriously, in terms of the political, really. But I have to tell you..  I await the press to call these morons ‘Republicans’  You watch, gang, it will happen. Reynolds notes Crittenden’s thoughts that there seems a bit of androgyny attached to these two. Don’t be so shocked, Glenn… remember the stories we heard about Hitler… welllll… not being able to keep Eva happy normally? It fits, if you think on it.
  • Donald Sensing asks what Nato has done for us. More than the UN, I would argue, which, granted, ain’t all that hard.
  • Remember we spoke before about voter fraud? Yep. What we predicated came true. and I’ll bet you didn’t know.
  • I’m not buying it, Politico. Look, guys.. all this leaning, all this coddling Obama and still all Obama can manage is as close to a tie as no matter?
  • Christian Science Monitor is giving up, and moving to a weekly style publication.  Layoffs at the LA Times are up to 150 and climbing. The circulation numbers, via Drudge are here, and they don’t look good… if you’re selling fishwrappers.  The lesson for all of this is AM radio. AM was dying a few years ago. Talk radio, and particularly, right-wing talk radio, gave it the life it now has, and it’s doing very well indeed, for the most part, well after it was decared dead.  Left wingers tried to do the same thing on AM, ala Air America and others but it’s not selling.  the answer for newspapers to survive is content… giving the reader what they want. And given what we see out of the whole of the MSM, that’s not left-wing pablum.  the blueprint, as Limbaugh likes to say lately, is there for newspapers and MSM broadcast outlets to survive and thrive. Will they be smart enough to take the lesson?
  • Oh, goody. Snow here tonight… 4 inches in the hills, a few feet east of us along I87 north of I90, and maybe a few inches of slush around here in WNY. It’s started already as I write this;  The whole of the east coast is colder than usual. Can we have some global warming, please?
  • So now GM and Chrysler have their hands out?  Ummm… guys? No. You’ve had enough.
  • Home sales back up, and the CW says it’s because prices are down some. In reality, it’s the prices of the houses that are selling. See, what they do NOT mention in this report, is how many of the sales are from people moving out to houses they can actually afford. In any event, the market takes care of itself, given the chance. A lesson there to the GM/Chrysler people.
  • A criminal probe of ACORN? Yeah, I think it should be done, but too little too late for this election, I think.
  • I wasn’t even aware Deer was Chinese food. Hamburg is fairly close to me here, and I’ve driven by the place a few times. Right on US62, I think. Well, the local primo grocery, Wegmans, does a reliable job with Chinese food, I think I’ll stick to that, thanks.

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