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  • I mentioned last night about polling data… and they’ve been having a bit of a row over it on many of the blogs I’ve visted today including OTB. and Q&O. But this one hasn’t gotten into that discussion yet. As if on cue, AP produces a poll showing McCain and Obama tied. 
    That this stuff has been happening in every election where the Republican eventually won, means calling it this time was no great accomplishment. It’s like the sun rising.
  • I see that there were no brain scans released with Joe Biden’s medical records. A logical assumption, given the comments he’s been making of late, would be they didn’t find anything.
  • Art Smith spoke last night of Sign Stealing being encouraged at KCJJ;(Sorry, man, that’s what it amounts to) Now we hear from Boortz (And on XM’ s ‘The War Room’, this morning, too)  that there’s a Pizza place in the Detroit area doing the same thing. Gee… one might almost suggest some degree of coordination. RICO, anyone?
  • So SanFran is thinking of ‘decriminalising’ prostitution?  Well, I guess someone’s gotta provide for the Democrats out there, huh? Maybe they could make a deal with this. And maybe Barney Frank will be able to have boyfreinds who run brothels out of his apparentment there. Remember that one? Remember, gang, this is the guy running the Banking comittee.
  • Oh, speaking of that… Let there be no doubt what would happen under Democrats, people. None. Tax increases. And spending to far outstrip the tax increases. Want Video proof? Fine.
  • Ok, so now “Socialist” equals “Black”?  Marx was a black guy, huh? Who knew? Ann Coulter says

    For most Americans, there is nothing more terrifying than the prospect of being called a racist. It’s scarier than flood or famine, terrorist attacks or flesh-eating bacteria. To some, it’s even scarier than “food insecurity.”

    …and so what we find is the self-described pragmatists in the Democrat party making use of that fear, and desperately trying to link all oppoition to Obama, to racism. The annoying part about this, aside from it being a flat-out lie, is that it diminishes the severity of the moral crime of REAL racism, in my view.

  • Oil’s below $71/bbl… errr   $70/BBL.  Below $69. Below $68. Below….  Oh, never mind. Take my comments on this topic from the last 2 months and insert them here. No changes.
  • I spoke at length, last night about polling data. The Polls currently have Obama leading in PA by a fair margin. So why is Ed Rendel nervous?   It’s because as I said last night, the Democrat party’s own polling data isn’t so rosy as the ones they pay the commerical types to splay all over out media.  By the way, Wizbang has some interesting thoughts on this. Kudos to Drummond from here for chasing this stuff.
  • A draft? Don’t think they won’t. Not for a split second should you think they won’t.
  • Glenn passes on a report about hate and rage in the world of politics. And no, it’s not McCain supporters. And here’s more from Ch19 up in Wisconsin. Tell me again, about how it’s the right waging a campaign of hate.
  • I just looked again at the last line… and the first three words take on a lean of an Obit. Ouch. I gotta watch that stuff.  Well, that’s what happens when you crank out hundreds of these things a year, mostly off the cuff.
  • Did you guys see this fruitfly?  And a “citizen’s arrest”?… I dunno about you, but when I ponder the meaning of that word…’citizen’… Code Pink members are not exactly the description that leaps to mind.
  • A Fashion statement?
  • Tell me again how there’s no Democrat vote fraud.
  • Hmmm.

    When racy photos of squeaky clean ‘Hannah Montana’ starlet Miley Cyrus hit the Internet earlier this year, the hacker who posted them boasted he would never be caught.It turns out he was wrong.

    Nineteen-year-old Josh Holly told Wired.com that his Murfreesboro, Tenn.home was raided by the FBI on Monday, during which the authorities seized three computers and a cell phone.

    Is it just me, or does it seem to you that they spent more man hours chasing this kid than they did the one who hacked Sarah Palin’s Email?

  • The first snow, here, today. Guess that means I’ve gotta get the trailer offloaded and stored for the winter, this weekend. I’ve already winterized the water system. It’s still a distasteful job, (Mostly because it means months until I take the thing out again) …but it doesn’t take me as long as it used to. When I went to get RV anti-freeze at the RV store the other day, I noted at least three people picking up VERY expensive RV’s. What’s this about a credit problem, again?  Well, at least we got out with our rig, this year. Now to plan a few trips for winter, and for next summer, for that matter. Lake George for late summer, perhaps. Haven’t been that way in forever. Guess that depends on the economy. I can kiss such plans goodbye if Obama makes it in. (Sigh)

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