Thursday. 26 days to the election. Welcome, one and all to the most intense nightly read on the ‘sphere… Bit’s Blog’s Nightly Ramble

  • So, the press has been doing it’s leftist duty, in promoting into the White House, Barry O. What’s the first thing the mainstream press can say taht’s negative about the guy? “He treats us badly, and the plane smells bad.”     Look, guys, it’s not the plane you’re smelling. It’s just that you’ve had your noses firmly attached to Obama’s backside for so long you don’t know the difference.
  • Oil’s still going down.  Below $88 this morning. I’ve not checked it since. Does anyone doubt the trend will continue? I’m seeing prices of $2.80 currently around here. When I come back from camping, I’ll bring price reports from Ohio.
  • So, Obama got $3mUSD in donations from overseas? And where is the FEC on this?  They’re apparently in exactly the opposite place from where they’d be if McCain had gotten that kinda jack from foreign sources.
  • A cat eating festival? And a special appearance by Alf, no doubt.
  • Brilliant, Michelle. Keep it up. Keep in mind, kids, these are Obama people we’re talking about.
  • And yet more about Acorn
  • and more
  • And more
  • And more
  • And more yet
  • And now that Acorn is being exposed, they go under Obama’s bus too. he’s trying to deny he was involved with them. Yeah, right, Barry. Sure.
  • Another myth busted. Gallup says the resistance to Obama isn’t about race.
  • Fact checking Obama’s spending proposals, and his tax plan. Even NBC is starting to raise questions. Timidly, of course. But that they get raised at all means there’s something huge hiding behind that brick wall. I’ll tell you this, gang… if he manages to get elected, the authors on BitsBlog will ahve no shortage of fodder for our writings. That is, assuming we’re not outlawed… and no, I’d not put it past him.
  • I’ve been saying all year if Obama loses we’ll have race riots. Here comes Carville, apparently threatening such.  Nice to have the head snake (or is that snake head?) confirm my writing.
  • I saw the ad Mickey’s talking about last night.  I honestly wasn’t sure I heard him right. Seems rather late in life to finally gather functional brain cells, George, but congrants. You finally got one right.
  • No, Billy, we have decidedly NOT been electing the lesser of two evils, as your own reference to Clinton demonstrates.   That, Billy has been EXACTLY my point for as long as I’ve been online, from the GT and Fido days forward… that  we need to more carefully consider those we elect. That in fact has been a large part of the focus of this blog since it started. Remember the very first post on this blog, please. What did I say, then?  Witness;

    But my personal resolve is to work hard toward making sure we have Presidents who actually respect and want a strong Israel. As a start, that means making sure we never again have a president of the lowly in-the-gutter presence of a Bill Clinton.Yours should be as well.

    I said, on 9/11 this year, in a repost of that first article:

    Still, that old post still reflects my hope that we are not too late to prevent such slime from entering the White House again. But in looking at the statements and the track history of Barack Ovama, I am again reminded that the chances are always high that we’ll fall under the spell of such people again.
    That can only happen, however, when we forget the lessons of that terrible day. Which is why Obama and his supporters invest so much time and effort into separating that day from the people who gave it to us, and their at best misguided, pacifist policies.

    I can only urge us to Never Forget, knowing that all too many have..

     We’re not remembering, of course… we are not teaching that important lesson nearly enough. Of course I’m talking about far more than simply physical attacks. Certainly, Democrat policy had much to do with the 9/11 attacks, but so too did it have everything to do with our current financial problems, as we are learning more and more daily.    Obama being on the Democrat ticket and leading in the race and it’s attendant totally negative consequences all comes back to that lack of an educational process, teaching the importance of not putting someone like that in office.  And by the way, let me make this very very clear; It is Clinton, Obama and their like, that are directly responsible for the situation we’re in just now. To the degree you can point to such as Bush and McCain, as sharing that responsibility, I suggest to you that the election of these centrists, also, are the direct result of such nonsense as got Clinton in power.  The whole situation has been pushed left because we’ve not stepped up to educate, and keep the vision of the founders going. As Goldstien says today;

    “This race would be far more interesting with a conservative on the ticket.”

     Is there anyone left on the planet who doesn’t understand that the elections tilting ever father left with the Democrats offering socialist moral midgets such as Bill Clinton and Barry O, and the Republicans offering mere centrists is the result of a decades long educational process? What have we offered to counter it? Clearly… Not enough.

  • To those who consider that ‘world government’ would be a help to our current situation, I offer the following thought:As a computer tech, I am reminded constantly that computers make mistakes more efficiently than man of his own power could ever accomplish. I view world government in much the same way; Given that our recent debacle is a failure of government, (And of that, most of it by people who wouldn’t mind seeing world government enacted) and managed to screw things up worldwide in spite of the lack of streamlined governmental efficiency that such government would supposedly bring, one wonders if we’d not be TOTALLY screwed today under a world government, instead of just MOSTLY screwed.
  • Yeah, well, at least he didn’t ask him to stand up.
  • Oh, and this from a pollster?

    “I don’t think Obama has closed the deal yet,” pollster John Zogby told the Herald yesterday.

    Ya know…. somehow, I always figured it’d come down to that phrase, again.

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