Friday. 25 days to the election, and tomorrow I’m on vacation. Oh. Sorry. Anyway…

Welcome, one and all to the most intense nightly read on the ‘sphere… Bit’s Blog’s Nightly Ramble

  • First things first: Honorable mention at OTB’s Caption Contest for the boss. I liked John’s Birth control one, myself.
  • Stocks went nutzoid this morning. going up nealy 700 points in two hours, then spent the rest of the day dwindling… albeit more slowly. It appears there’s support around 7800 or so.
  • Great quote, Billy… and  it goes directly to my point of last night’s Ramble, about this being an educational process.   Oh.. and if you’re ready for this, Billy, I actually got feedback, busting on me because I was spending so much time ‘trying to beat Billy up”. Clearly, there’s someone who doesn’t know you very well. Or me, for that matter. 
  • Oil’s down to $79 as of this morning.
  • Boortz this morning, links a Washington Times article,  diving deeper into the activities of Obama in Iraq…we reported here a month back… with Obama  trying to sway foriegn policy.
  • Speaking of Boortz, he mentions this morning, that of the large numbers of fraudulent mortgages out there, are in the hands of illegal aliens. As I explained to my wife, this morning this kinda thing is exactly why I’ve been screaming about closing the damned borders. I can’t go on the basis that the Democrats are so stupid they didn’t figure this problem wasn’t going to come back and bite us. It’s becoming inescapable that it’s been planned this way. As Boortz points out, and rightly:

    But here’s some history to consider. We know for a fact that there are states out there, like California, that knowingly allow illegal immigrants to buy homes. Guess who you can thank for that aiding that little scheme? ACORN. Yes, ACORN. Barack Obama’s very favorite … Take a look at this story from November of 2005. Here’s how it begins: “For many, it’s the American dream: owning a home. With the recent spike in housing costs, it’s become more difficult for many Valley families to qualify for a home loan. But some local banks are giving out loans, and they don’t even require a social security number.”Isn’t that amazing?! No Social Security number. That would be code for “making a loan to an illegal alien.” What they actually end up using are Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, or I-TIN, to secure these mortgages. While these numbers are supposed to be for foreign-born residents who live legally in the United States, it is common knowledge that these numbers are used primarily by illegal aliens.

    Moving right along … the article tells a little story about David the illegal immigrant. When David, a criminal, wanted to get a home, who did he go to for help? ACORN. The article says, “The Valley non-profit group Acorn is helping people like David. They set him up with Citibank in Fresno, where a social security number is not required.”

    Remember, gang, Acorn are Obama’s people.  Combine that with the story we ran here this morning, and the vote fraud etc etc and we start getting a picture of how we’d be under an Obama presidency.

  • Speaking of Acorn and Vote fraud, guess which party benefitted from Acorn’s vote fraud by a 4 to 1 margin?
  • And we see Acorn’s fingerprints all over another 4000 confirmed cases of voter fraud in Houston.
  • I think I should point a couple things out, about vote fraud charges currently under consideration. Joyner points up yesterday, (Ironiclly, in an article about registration levels in Indy being at 105%…) that registration fraud doesn’t equal vote fraud.  IE; we can’t PROVE that registrations submitted fraudulently, are being used to generate actual votes. He points out that the ones being caught in the system certainly are not. However, that argument seems a little thin, to me, for several reasons.First off, we have Ohio, where the Secretary of state…a Democrat, and of whom, Obama is quoted as saying he’s comfortable with having her counting votes, who had to be court ordered to filter out the fraudulent applications.  Her level of compliance with that order would seem a question mark, given the law there, along with common freaking sense, would make such a ruling unnecessary at the off. Clerly, she wasn’t interested in removing the Democrat-leaning ACORN fruad from the voting system.  That’s one example we know of, and I have no cause to think we won’t find similar situations elsewhere.Secondly, Any group that can slip these large numbers of fraudulent voter applications into the system isn’t going to have much in the way of problems getting actual fraudulent votes on the boards. We’re talking about bureaucratic incompetence, at least and in some cases, such as Ohio, we’re talking about the apparent aiding abetting outright vote fraud.And remember, these large numbers we’re seeing reported on, are only the ones we KNOW about. The numbers of the ones we’ve found out about suggest an iceberg scenario, with the obvious fraud being merely the tip of the ‘berg.  Who knows how many fraudulent registrations are being used to generate fraudulent VOTES?
  • Glenn points out Rand Simberg at PJM saying that even to his supporters, Obama is a question mark. I wonder, looking back, if that lack of real understanding isn’t why he’s as successful as he is.
  • Speaking of Glenn, he says, this morning:

    OOPS: Obama’s Staff Slips Up With Muslim Outreach. “The Obama campaign said it was a mistake for an outreach coordinator to join a meeting last month attended by leaders of two controversial Muslim groups as it seeks votes from large Muslim populations in swing states. . . . Participants included leaders of the Council of American-Islamic Relations and the Muslim American Society, which have been cited by the government in the past for ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.”

    Yeah, well what I didn’t mention in that article of this morning regardsObama’s ties with Odinga… Odinga is seeking the expansion of Sharia law there in Kenya… a point Obama and his peope unquestionably know about. So, a mistake here? Their big mistake, I think, was letting people find out about it. Past that, it’s all planned, folks. As I suggested in that article about Odinga… the similarities are too long to be coincidence. 

  • As a final thought for tonight… I really need to get the trailer ready to go… I sometimes wonder if even Reagan could salvage the country at this point. Now, mind, I’m not just talking about the election, but it certainly is an indicator of what our nation is up against, in terms of socialism and it’s consequences, including the amount of flat out lies and fraud being spread in support of it. Add to that the lack of education about our country and our culture, which is the key support element. and is exactly why we should conisder the spectre of a Billy Ayers as an ‘educational reformer’ to be as the finger of doom.   As I said to Billy last night,  Is there anyone left on the planet who doesn’t understand that the elections tilting ever father left with the Democrats offering socialist moral midgets such as Bill Clinton and Barry O, and the Republicans offering mere centrists is the result of a decades long educational process? What have we offered to counter it? Clearly… Not enough.  Have we so lost our national soul that we’re overcome by socialist driven fraud? It’s more than beginning to look that way.  Trust me when I say I take no pleasure at all from saying this, but there it is. the dispicable fraud of socilaism itself aside, there’s a lot of fraud pushing us in that direction.  Frankly, it makes me wonder about our survival as a country.  As I said above, it’s become inescapable that things are going as they are because of a plan… such a perfect storm could hardly have been so perfectly effective in putting us in a box, by mere chance.   Angry? You bet I’m angry. But mostly, I’m sad, at the moment.  This is, dear reader, the direct result of the proclivity of taking all political angles and movements as equally valid, under the ‘we’re all Americans’ BS. Clearly, some of us are not… and they’re getting the upper hand at the moment. I suppose some lessons need re-learning.

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