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It’s Halloween. Around here that means a bunch of kids wearing their new costumes, which you’d never notice unless they took their coats off It’s a bit warmer than usual tonight, so maybe this year will be different. . Only a couple days left ’till the election. Lots to discuss. Let’s get to it.

  • Here’s the very first line from a news article on CNS:

    President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad predicted on Thursday that the imminent collapse of international “bullies” would be a good opportunity to spread Islam and Iran’s Islamic Revolution

    And from The Hill we see Democrats already arguing about who gets the pie that bigger government is going to bring. Among the principle players in that argument? Charlie Rangle, his ethics probe forgotten. There’s a subtext there of a split among Democrats, but leaving that aside for the moment, it seems clear that there’s a lot of lips being licked, and a lot of drooling going on at the prospect of how what’s left of America can be feasted upon once Tuesday happens.  Democrats are reportedly planning on redecorating their offices… at taxpayer expense, of course…

  • It’s true….The conventional wisdom is saying Obama has it all wrapped up. However, I keep hearing Republican internal polling is saying something rather different than the CW. Nothing I can link to, of course, since the stuff isn’t supposed to be released at all to the general public. And yes, I’m only getting this stuff second hand… But it’s remarkable just how different the internals are from what the MSM has been force feeding us.  For example in New Jersey and Michigan AND Pennsyvania, McCain is actually LEADING, for the first time. Yes, I said Michigan, and New Jersey. Reports on counts of early voting  down in Florida show McCain leading by around 3 points.  What I fnd most interesting is the undecideds and their movements… they’re going for McCain at a rate of around 4 to 1. All the Democrats I talk to are admitting to is that it’s going to be ‘close’.  Since they weren’t admitting to that before, I suspect we’re in for a fairly good show Tuesday night.  Even Novak is saying the Democrats will fall short of their much looked for 60 vote majority in the Senate.Do you even begin to understand what a shift away from what we’ve been fed this is?  At the least, we’re not going to know what’s what until the day after, and possibly not then. On the other hand, if the Republican internal polling is anything like accurate, (And it always has been in the past election cycles we’ve monitored here)  then we’re about to see some really strange behavior on the part of the Dinosaur Media.   Mass suicide, I wouldn’t rule out, either. McQ notes that

    it’ll be an unexpected upset bigger than Dewey v. Truman.

    Well, no, Bruce, because that phrase assumes we were getting the truth of the polling, all along. If McCain does win, I suspect there’s going to be a lot of back and forth about the accuracy of the polls and the discussion on the bais of the MSM will be renewed as well.

  • The prevailing attitude, even in Cleveland, this morning is if we elect this socialist, we deserve everything we get.  Amazing given the politics out there. I like the area there, I really do… but I have to tell you their politics, particularly in the downtown areas of Cuyahoga Cty make california seem placidly sane, sometimes.
  • In discussing this with a few folks online this morning, one thing pops out, though… and it’s worth considering; Pollsters, even Democrat pollsters,  when gathering their numbers, tend to stick to people who can legally vote.  Given the level of vote fraud we already know about, it seems to me reasonable to suggest that  the final outcome of the voting may be altered by illegal votes.  We’ll see how this pans out.
  • Why does anyone care what Francis Fukuyama thinks on ANY topic?
  • Remember that thing out in west LA where they had an effegy of Sarah Palin hanging by a rope? Remember what I said about replacing it with an effegy of Obama, and see what happens?   Well…  Case in point. Do you understand the levels of double standard being applied, here?
  • The price of oil, as we predicted here, continues to fall. And yes, to answer some feedback, I know I’ve been harping on this.  But keep in mind, I’ve only mentioned this topic about one tenth as many times as I was told I was full of it on the subject.
  • Coleman has sued Franken for defamation. A reasonable response, actually. I’d have decked him.
  • I see Cindy Sheehan’s HQ was ripped up a bit.  I see the fine hand of Pelosi supporters in this. Fine, though, let them tear each other apart, and hopefully, we’ll see Pelosi get pulled down over it.
  • Still on the back burner, is the relationship between Chris Dodd and Countrywide.
  • After years of trying to create a reseccsion when one really didn’t exist, the Democrats finally have something they can point to. Yeah, it’s still not a resession, (You’d need another month like that to qualify, in reality) but they’re desperate. What’s fact when they’ve got an election to win?
  •  This one actually made it to the ‘Snark of the day” list for today…. speaking of the half-hour Obama-mercial… All Sham, no Wow…. Which really is our take on Obama himself.  I repeat what I said last night, folks;Remember this..  That whole thing last night… those half hours he bought on those networks… wouldn’t have been possible, had he not broken his promise about public financing. Given that, why should anyone trust anything else he says?
  • You’re right, Andy. Kurtz deserves huge kudos for his work.
  • Explain to me again about how all cultures are equal. And please explain to me how that is different from this.

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