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Tuesday. 28 days until the election.4 days until my vacation, and about 5 hours to the second debate. And if you don’t understand the joke in the sign, you’re obviously 21 or under.

  • In response to a couple E-mails, yes, I know my commenting can be a little sparse on some topics, in these things. The idea is to get you thinking about the topic, and researching it starting at the link provided. Trust me, because my commentsa re short, does not of itself suggest I’m not being serious about a topic.  Part of keeping the intensity level up where I want it for the Ramble is forcing you to look stuff up for yourselves. Time was, that’s what blogging was all about.
  • Bruce gets this one right. Again, this is exactly the argument I’ve been making for weeks.
  • YetAnotherJohn and I both get Honorable Mentions at OTB’s Caption Contest.
  • Zing!
  • Boortz makes an important point, this morning:


    A lot of yammering over jobs yesterday on the campaign trail. Obama likes to talk about the American people seeing “their jobs” sent overseas.First of all, let’s get this out of the way. American workers are not seeing “their jobs” go overseas. They are seeing their former employer’s jobs going away. The jobs belong to the employers, not to the workers. Workers don’t create jobs, businessmen and women do.

    Now we have Barack Obama telling us that Obama is oh so very concerned about jobs. Well, if that’s so, they why is he talking so proudly about his plans to raise taxes on the very people who create and provide those jobs?

    Obviously, part of the point being made here is “government is not the answer”. That’s the one point Obama dares not address. McCain had better start banging on that point… loudly. Tonight.  Boortz goes on to list a few other things that McCain should address tonight.

    1. Barack Obama says that he wants to lower capital gains taxes for small businesses in America. Does anyone see anything wrong with Barack Obama’s plan? How about the fact that small businesses in this country don’t pay capital gains taxes, they pay income taxes. And guess what? Barack Obama wants to raise income taxes on anyone making over $250,000 a year, and that includes you small business owners or the person you work for.
    2. Do you realize that under a Barack Obama administration, his tax policies will be dictated by what the government deems to be fair or neighborly? They will decide how much of your money you actually “need,” and the rest is subject to seizure. Oh, that paying higher  taxes is “patriotic.” Since when is it the government’s job to decide how much of your money you should be allowed to keep?

    3. Just yesterday I made a speech
      outlining how Democrat policies,supported by Barack Obama led to the mortgage meltdown in this country. It was the Democrats who, for years, opposed any type of reform. I called for this reform back in 2006. President Bush asked for this reform. But the Democrats didn’t want it. They wanted to continue funding subprime mortgages because that was the American dream.
    4. And speaking of these subprime mortgages … have any of you ever heard of a little organization called ACORN? I bet you Barack Obama has heard of it. Because he worked with ACORN as a community organizer. (Oh wait, I’m not supposed to say that. Now I am racist … ) But it was organizations like ACORN that would bully and coerce banks into making subprime mortgages to people who should be renters.
    5. My opponent has proposed nearly one million dollars in pork spending – we call them earmarks now – for every day he’s served in the U.S. Congress. I’ve been here for decades, and haven’t asked for one dollar of pork.
    6. My running mate, Governor Sarah Palin, resigned a government position so that she could go after a member of her own party engaged in corrupt activities in Alaska. Barack Obama has a history of supporting the corrupt political machine that helped him rise to prominence
      in Chicago.

    And that’s just for starters ………

    True. I would add the questionable reletionships Ayers, Wright, etc, to the questions that need to be pounded on tonight. Jen Ruben adds that given Palin was asked about creationism, Obama should be asked about Marxism.  I agree. Obama also needs to be asked about The Joyce Foundation, which Blue Crab Blvd reports he’s involved with up to his eyebrows… his denials not withstanding… and who, apparently have been working against the Second amendment. Others to ask about:Jeremiah Wright
    Father Fleger, Jodi Evans,Mike Klonsly,Several ACORM operative, etc etc etc. Obama is what we used to call a ‘target rich environment’. McCain should start taking advantage of those targets.
    Endorsement by the New Party three times McCain’s degree of success in this election depends on this stuff, in my view.

  • Oh… and the questionable donors, too.
  •  False but Justified? The integrity of the liberal movement today.
  • I said yesterday that going forward, any objection to leftist policy would now have the race card played. Barney Frank essentially confirms this today. Is this the correlary to Godwin, I wonder? When a leftist finds his argument exposed, the race card comes out? Certainly, it’s started to look that way. Even Jon Henke, who I have never held great love for, it must be said, gets this one exactly right, Not that it’s all that hard to do, IF you have an ounce of integrity.   The AP story I mentioned yesterday (And Hume mentions that last night) wasn’t the start of it, but it’s when people  really began to notice the trend. And they’re starting to cry ‘foul’… even the Democrats. Combine that with the ‘False but Justified’ story, and figure out for yourself which way this thing’s headed, gang. Like I say, it doesn’t take much, just an ounce or so of integrity.
  • Speaking of which. Surber comes close to ‘Snark of the Day’ territory when he says:


    I fully expect Democrat Barack Obama to protest the Kenyan government’s jailing of his critic Jerome Corsi.

  • This is a test of Obama’s integrity. Another test. The guy has a grade point average of 1.9 so far.

    It’s like I said at OTB earlier today: Obama’s character, or rather his lack of it, IS the issue, since all the rest of his choices, and positions, spring from that lack. His biggest fear, I think is having that lack exposed, which explains all the diversions being tossed by Obama and his people every time the subject comes up.

  • Speaking of such things, I note through HotAirthat Tony Rezko’s sentencing has been postponed.. until after the election, presumably. It’ll get interesting, I think, because as Ed points out, this is a good sign that Rezko has turned States’ evidence. Which in turn will lead directly to Daily, and as I’ve suggested previously, Obama. Kaus thinks so, as well. Alas, however, that the stuff will come to light too late to sway people from voting for him.
  • Thinking aloud: Oil’s going to around 90 bucks/BBL at this writing.  We’re being told that oil’s going down at the rate is is, largely on the strength of the dollar which is stronger than it’s been for years. Given interenational investments,paid for in foriegn currencies but measured in dollars, would this deflation cycle, not also account for some of the fall-off in reported numbers on the stock market? Is this helping feed the market fears? Something to consider.
  • And from the UK, comes word of a culinary event the likes of which we’ve seen too often previously:

    A gay chef murdered his lover, cut out part of his leg, seasoned it with herbs and fried it, a court has heard.

    Kinda makes you wonder what the resturant he worked for was, now doesn’t it? And of course the all-important question of who he’d be voting for, assuming he wasn’t in jail, and not an American citizen. (Though granted that part doesn’t seem to matter much to at least one party). Seriously, what the hell is it with homosexuals and this kind of behavior? Hardly a month goes by anymore you don’t hear about such a happening.

  • Well, we know of 300 votes Obama won’t be getting.
  • Well, SNL fans, here’s a quandry for ya… They can make fun of Sarah Palin, but not the Bailout Bill. Is it because it’s got connections to George Soros?

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