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  • Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know, Colin Powell. All the rage over the weekend. I don’t think there’s much argument against the idea that there’s a decided attempt on the part of some to keep General Powell in the headlines. Liberals, mostly. Why?   Well, look, gang… We’ve known since before the Democrat Party convention… That was months ago, for those who have lost track… that he was going to do this. Don’t think for a moment that the timing on this ‘endorsement’ wasn’t chosen by the Obama people. Obama’s been slipping in the polls. He’s in trouble and knows it. This ‘endorsement’ and it’s timing, was in direct response to that.  George Will points up, race is the major motivator, there…. but it’s just now the ‘endorsement’ and all the hoopla shows up? Please. And yes, as an aside, I have my problems with Will. But when even he can see the obvious and has the guts to SAY so, well, I’ll give the boy credit. Limbaugh, too…

    “‘Secretary Powell says his endorsement is not about race,’ Limbaugh wrote in an email. ‘OK, fine. I am now researching his past endorsements to see if I can find all the inexperienced, very liberal, white candidates he has endorsed. I’ll let you know what I come up with.'”

    And there is that trend thing, as Limbaugh says, to consider.  Now, yes, race may not be the only motivator here, but it seems to me logical to ask if Powell’s  stated reasons would be enough to push him toward this endorsement, absent the racial factors.  I wonder too, what kind of position Powell would have  in a posulated Obama administration, (And Obama’s made clear, he’d have one) …and if such promises didn’t ‘encourage him’ to move toward this endorsement. Ask yourself, though… why is it now the left is signing his praises, and making a big deal of out his endorsement? And why, I ask, are the lefties taking it all so damned seriously?  This is, after all, the same Powell who the same lefties were screaming about having sold out, not so long ago, on Iraq, and about how Powell lied men died, etc. Funny how now all that’s forgotten, his credibility issues are not even subject fit for conversation, now that he’s signed on to mouth platitudes in favor of the Chosen One. You’ll forgive me if I fail to be impressed.

  • The New York Post has figured Obama out, by the way. Worth a look.
  • Popularity? Let’s examine this.
  • For those of you who need a refresher course on Chris Dodd and his brand of corruption, and the connection there to the current economy problems, read this.
  • While we’re on such things, perhaps this refresher on Chuckles Schumer is worthwhile, too. In a sane world these two would be in jail.
  • And let’s remember how Obama voted on this stuff, shall we? Fair is fair.
  • Democrat vote fraud exists, people.
  • Joe the Plumber strikes back. Of course the press will pretty much ignore this. Remember, gang, the MSM spent more time investigating Joe the Plumber than it did on the question of Terrrist Bill Ayers and his association with Barack Obama.
  • I see American Thinker is looking into the idea that Bill Ayers co-wrote Obama’s Book. Frankly, I’m convinced.
  • Does anyone remember Obama claiming at the third debate that he did’t launch his political career in Bill Ayers’ living room. There’s a word for people like that. LIAR.
  • It seems Obama and Ayers shared an office, as well. It seems there’s a lot of internet scrubbing going on here. (Did Google take that post down, I wonder? Or was it just the left wing sensibilities of the blogger in question?) Glenn notes this, as well.
  • Note to Rick Moran: You and I have had very stout disagreements in the past. this is another.  I’ll give you a warning that’s been given before:

    It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once.

    The writer of course, is Hume. Apply this to your tirade, I beg you, and recalculate. Apply also, my recent comments on Joe the PLumber and the Stalinist reaction to him. This stuff is far worse than you’re letting on.

  • Somebody do the world a favor and tell Matt Drudge that the 24*7 Madonna divorce bit is getting a little old. Then again, so is Madonna. Far as I’m concerned, the two deserve to be ignored, together. Face it; What little singing talent Madonna had went away on the early 90’s. The only reason she had hit records even in her prime was the collection of bloody geniuses such as Jellybean that she had producing and editing her stuff. Today? Well, look…a 50 year old Pop tart… however well preserved…. has all the appeal of a store-window proctology exam… which she would doubtless put in her newest music video masterpiece, given the chance.. assuming she’ not done that already. I’ve kinda lost track of her latest excesses, after “Like A Prayer”.  Bottom line: Spare us.
  • ~I keep hearing about a GM/Chrysler merger. Does this mean I’ll finally be able to get a Chevy 20 series with a Cummins? Anyway, so much for Unions being able to protect your job. Just in case that lesson isn’t clear, the unions are the real reason the place is going under.
  • A subtext to Bush’s trying to arrange an international  summit on the economy is a sex scandal involving Dominique Strauss-Kahn.
  • I guess in Iowa, Chess is a contact sport.
  • They finally released that Russian Ship.  In all seriousness, I’d love to see a dummy ship driven in, and watch the Pirates try to take over, while we call in an airstrike. Solve THAT problem in a real hurry.
  • Cubans trying to get into the US, are now doing it through Mexico. You know, I wondered how long that would take them to figure that one out. Think, now; If Ellian Gonzalez had come into the country through Mexico, would the Clinton misadministration sent him back to Castro’s Cuba?
  • Glaciers in Alaska are growing. It’s not even winter there, yet.  So much for Global Warming. I’m waiting for Al Gore to tell us this is all due to the policies he’s been pushing. Ignore, of course the dearth of sunspot activity. That big ball of fire at the center of the solar system has nothing to do with it. (Sound of tounge popping from cheek)
  • I wonder if the Dyson folks could hire this guy? Can’t you just imagine the ads? “Dyson: It’s REALLY sucks…”
  • So, Tampa Bay won the ALCS and is going on to the series. (Shrug) Boston would have been good, too. I have to admit being turned off by MLB for some years, now. Part of my problem in commenting on this stuff is they keep serving up reasons why I’m disgusted with the whole thing.
  • That kidnapped boy, Cole Puffinburger stumbled home yesterday.  One wonders how many arrests, save that of the Grandfather, are going to result from this mess.  Most likely answer seems to be ‘none’.  Such has been our answer to Mexican druggies for some years. And can someone PLEASE come up with a better picture of this kid, if we’re going to be watching this story for any lnegth of time?
  • That soldier we told you about the other day who saved the puppy… “Rachet”… from a pile of burning trash, is being allowed to take the dog home, after all.  Never figured on any other way, really.

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