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Levi Stubbs, Jr, RIP Age 72

Levi Stubbs, Jr [1], died over a week ago, on the 17th of this month.

Now I feel bad for not having mentioned it. My fault.

Of course I’d written something, which is altogether dated, now, but it never made it to the system because I got focused on problems I was having that day, and forgot to foward it up. My bad, and I’m sorry for it because I’ve always had a lot of respect for the man’s talents.

Who was Levi Stubbs? he was the lead singer… the main voice… of the Four Tops. Billboard writes [2]he was arguably the most powerful voice at Motown in the big years, and I think they’re right.

Only one of the original members are still alive, now. Sad.

The music, of course, continues.