Bruce at Q&O, yesterday notes a question at Men’s News Daily:

Now that Barack Obama has received the endorsement of the Brady Campaign gun-control group, will the Supreme Court’s findings in the D.C. gun-ban “Heller” case matter?

I don’t know as that was the threshold, but certainly the answer is ‘no’.

Bruce points out that DC is in fact a federal district, and therefore when Democrats rule the roost, Heller, at least insofar as DC is concerned, is done. I tell him:

…consider the implications this thing drags along with it, taht are WAY beyond Heller. Is there any part of the constitution they won’t ignore, given that degree of power?

Consider the entire Corsi investigation/arrest/Odinga meme. Consider the Joe the Plumber deal. In each of those cases… and there’s certainly more, the level of intimidation employed takes on a Stalinist level of intensity. Butt those two situations and their implications, up against our current discussion, and do the math. Can you imagine what these thugs do when they get the power of government behind them?

This will sound extreme to some, I’m sure. However, I really believe that Obama, along with a veto-proof Democrat congress is that big a threat to America, people.

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