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Sarah, the Next?

Sarah Palin [1]

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin has been compared to Ronald Reagan is a dress [2];:

Michael Reagan, 63, said watching the vice-presidential hopeful was like seeing “my dad reborn – only this time he’s a she”.

Palin’s stirring speech at the Republican convention on Wednesday night was watched by 40million people across the US.

Annie Oakley [3]:

Palin’s big speech in St. Paul last week offered an electrifying blend of Annie Oakley [4] with a spoonful of Roseanne’s blue-collar

Margaret Thatcher: [5]

American conservatives have reacted with near ecstasy to the Republican convention speech by Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska, comparing John McCain’s running mate with Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.

Hockey Mom [6]:

Sarah Palin’s neighbors saluted their hometown girl with Alaskan Amber brew and testaments to her small-town integrity as she accepted the Republican nomination for vice president Wednesday

And now Muhammad Ali [7]:

Palin floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee

The Democrats are in trouble. Sarah Palin has totally changed the dynamics of this campaign.


Like Tiger Woods is the first coming of himself, and not the second coming of anybody, Sarah a first and not a second.   And that’s good enough for me.