The Charlie Rangel thing I mentioned yesterday is getting hotter.

Glenn mentions it this afternoon.

 if I were the GOP I’d put together an ad featuring Biden’s credit-card connections, Dodd’s sweetheart mortgage scandal, and Rangel’s ongoing problems and run it all over. I can’t believe they won’t do something like that, since it’s a gimme, and I’m surprised that the Dems couldn’t get him out of the picture. Then again, I said the same thing about the Republicans and Ted Stevens . . . .

Well, it’s like I said yesterday, Glenn; They’ve already got one black democrat up to his elbows in slime…  William “Cash in his freezer” Jefferson. Two, and you’d have a pattern.. uncomfortable at least given the top of the ticket at the moment.

Nothing at all on Memeorandum, nor tis there much to speak of in the dinosaur media, except for a plea from the New York Times for Rangel to step aside or be pushed out. An odd position historically for them to take after expending so much press on people of the opposite party before calling for their ouster.

Personally, I don’t want him pushed out, yet. I’m not worired about backlash over Ted Stevens, myself. I’m with Glenn, here; I’d like to see the Republicans making a lot of noise about Rangel and Jefferson, and how Pelosi swore she was going to drain the swamp. Place Rangel’s picture along side Jefferson’s, and  Obama’s.


Let the electorate figure it out.

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