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It’s time once again for the most densely packed, intense daily read in blogdom, The Nightly Ramble.

  • Boortz this monring discusses breifly the issue with Sarah Palin and her relationship with the press.  This topic also came up yesterday at OTB. The usual argument gioes she really doesn’t need a more hostile press, they might help make her look bad if they get mad.  Well, given what we’ve seen of hostile coverage of Palin thusfar from the usual suspects…(How many rumors went unchecked from the DInosaur media?) one wonders if anyone would be able to tell the difference between the current situation and a more hostile media, or if such a thing is even possible.  My read is she’s showing them exactly the respect they deserve. That won’t make the press happy, but then again, there is of late an inverse reaction between what makes the press happy and what the voters like. Who can forget the whackjob left in the press for example, demanding Trig‘s birth video be made public?
  • So Clay Aiken comes out of the closet. Not that I watched the show all that much, (Donna does) but is there anyone who didn’t understand this one going in, even without him saynig anything?
  • Althouse today, notes a ban on bumper stickers at the U of Illinois, and quips:

    : I understand the focus on bumper stickers. Too much transparency if the faculty parking lot has rows and rows of Obama stickers.

    Well, exactly. Still, I cant say I’m overly happy with this kind of nonsense.Rather totalitarian, no?

  • From The Corner, yesterday: Mark Krikorian

    I have no way of judging whether the Wall Street bailout is a necessary evil or an impending disaster. But we’re in this mess, ultimately, because our political elites thought it was good social policy to encourage banks to give mortgages to uncreditworthy people, resulting in what Sailer months ago called the “Diversity Recession” (if this doesn’t work, make that the Diversity Depression). In other words, if poor people in general, or blacks or Hispanics in particular, were less likely to be approved for a mortgage, the only possible reason was racism or classism or whatever.

    Correct, and an argument we’ve been making here for years, and in particular the last few weeks.  In reality what we’re seeing here are the consequences of trying to even out not opportunity, but outcome… which is also a discussion we’ve had many times previously.

  • On this I note also, Jonah Goldberg saying in part:

    ….we shouldn’t let invocation of the Great Depression — and our fear of it — justify all of this New Deal talk. Say it with me: The New Deal prolonged the Great Depression. In fact, if anything it was the New Deal itself that made the Great Depression “Great.” By 1938 one in six Americans were still without jobs.

    That’s a clue for what our reaction should be, people. I’ll say this again, the government misrepresented itself to the banks and thereby shuld be held to pay for the damages and set things right again. Not so the individuals who set about putting themselves way over their head debt they never shuld have taken on. they signed the documents… it’s a little hard to claim you didn’t understand what you were singing now.

  • Missed it by THAT MUCH

    Missed it by THAT MUCH

    The more we see from Joe Biden, the more the words of Limbaugh come to mind about how Hillary Clintonisn’t out of this yet.  And comments from Obama himself of late aren’t doing much to dispell that particular meme, either.  Roger Simon suggests that Biden is trying to derail Obama. Well, I dunno. I agree that if he wanted to sabotage Obama, he could hardly have done a better job by intent than what he’s apparently managed to do by just beng Joe Biden. And there are times when I wonder about the intent factor, too. Which also speaks loudly to a Clinton end run.  Now, the one comparison we’re not hearing, particularly from the Obama-Tanked dinosaur media, though is to Thomas Eagleton. And claims by Obama that he’s proud of his choice seems as close to the kiss of death as no matter.

  • I’m amazed that there’s no indictment yet for that kid who hacked Sarah Palin’s E-mail. They’re still working on it, I hear, though, so we’ll see. In the end, my take is that nothing will come of this, because Palin will get a chance to appear magnanimous. Democrats will thereby get to save face. I see this hacking though as  part of a trend. Case in point;  Bill O’Rielly’s site was hacked, too. Why is it Democrats resort to what can only be described as Stalinist tactics?
  • Another example of Leftist going Stalinist; Al Gore, today, calling for civil disobedience to stop coal plants… essentially echoing Obama’s veep, Joe Biden… Are you folks along I-79, I-80 I-71 and I-77 paying attention, here? Voting for Democrats is voting for your own demise… and along with it the country.
  • Interesting happenings north of the border, perhaps best described by Lawrence Martin in Toronto’s Globe and Mail:

    Here we go again. Another Canadian election where, for fear of the bigot label, there’ll be no honest debate on immigration.

    Well, hey… why in the world should Canada’s left be any different, any less race baiting, than the American left?

  • Mickey Kaus writes about the Honda Fit.  I’ve driven one, myself. Remember I mentioned cars like the Carolla that are ideal for people who feel guilty about driving, and really don’t LIKE to drive? Here’s another case in point, writ larger yet, by being built painfully smaller. I’ve seen bigger and more comfortable Harleys. It wouldn’t take much more than a dirt bike to total the thing and everyone inside. Sorry, no, I choose LIFE.
  • Note to Nancy Pelosi:  this is not what most people regard as “leadership”. It does make excellent use of your finger guage training, however. Anyone still wondering why Congress is at record low approval ratings?
  • Good points from The Astute Bloggers
  • Bette Midler, supposedly has stopped touring in order to save the planet. Of course, that her ticket sales have been dropping had nothing to do with her announcement. Frankly, I think her biggest contribution to the environment is that she won’t be “singing” publicly for a bit…. noise polution being the serious issue that it is. AC/DC like to say Rock and Roll ain’t noise polution. True, Then again, what Miss M does, doesn’t qualify as rock and roll, either.

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