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Lots going on.

  • So, Ol’ Gaffe-O-Matic Biden and, one assumes, B. O. both think John McCain is wrong on security? Is that why they both voted against the Surge he called for? The one that won the war?
  • Regarding McCain’s move to suspend his campaign for a bit while he tended to his senatorial duty, while Obama bitched like a two year old told he wasn’t going to get a new toy,  about not getting to debate the man. There’s a number of folks out there who have been saying the guy’s scared to debate Obama, BO included. Well, maybe in another universe. While I have no doubt that the Clintons have reasons of their own for wanting Obama to lose this election, Bubba said it well enough yesterday to repeat it… McCain wanted more debates than Obama finally agreed to. So, you tell me… Who’s afraid of whom? And what happens to that meme when McCain whips his butt, as I suspect will happen, and as has happened everywhere Obama has been forced to think on his feet?  Silence from the press and from Obama’s people, but I repeat myself.
  • Is anyone suprised that Contrywide made loans to Jamie Gorelick? Yeah, the same woman. Her connection to the F&F meltdown will play heavy going forward. Just file this little connection away.
  • Good news; One of the Haditha Marines is suing John Murtha. Let’s do this serially, guys. One at a time. Drag this stuff out for years, and just keep socking it to him. Keep dragging his backside into court. Over and over.  Being that Un-American, particularly while supposedly serving in high office,  should hurt, bigtime. It’s time to make an example of Murtha.
  • Honorable Mention at the Caption Contest at OTB. And yeah, I gotta admit John Little deserved first… even I got a chuckle out of that one. 
  • I spoke earlier today about Obama, Rezko and Illinois Governor Blagojevich, and the corruption going on there. One wonders if we’re not about to see a death of a thousand knives. The Chicago Sun Times is reporting that B. O. is under investigation for a misused grant. Apparently the $100,000 went to Obama cronies.
  • More problems with Chinese foodstuffs involving Melamine. Lesson; Governmental control doesn’t solve problems. Is there a place one’s every move is under greater control, than in China? Yet this stuff keeps happening. Tell me again how massive governmental control and laws passed for everything under the sun and the stars, stopped this situation from happening.
  • Glenn says this monring:

    PAULSON BEGS PELOSI FOR COOPERATION on bended knee. If he doesn’t get it, he should resign and publicly blame her.

    Agreed. And you know, this thing is stacking up as exactly what I caled it; this whole meltdown, I keep hearing would never have occurred, or would have been far less severe, had Fannie and Freddie gotten so far out of hand… and that in turn is linked to the Democrats and their efforts to get ‘affordable housing’. The bank failures? Same way. I say again; This is a failure of government, folks… government going too far, not a failure of not enough regulation on the private sector.

  • Speaking of Glenn, why is Obama threatening the operating licenses of stations that run NRA ads? I say this in connection with Gelnn because he’s been the one really following this story. The Instant one has been keeping up with this stuff and has some links you’ll want to follow. One that stands out:

    “I fear that under the Obama administration, the lawyers sending these letters will be government employees.”

    Well, no freakin’ duh, people. That’s what all this is about. That noise you’ve been hearing about the reinstatement of the ‘fairness doctrine’? That is not just noise. This kind of thing, being described here, will be what we have going forward, by force of law, under and Obama administration, and/or under a larger Democrat majority. the Left-O-Sphere may well view that as a good thing. I do not.

  • I see The Detroit Free Press saying Obama has a 13 point lead in Michigan. No shock that, except that in that state.. which has gone solidly Democrat the last several go-rounds (Mostly on the strength of the black population in Detroit) one would think he’d be leading by a far wider margin there. That he is not strikes me as a sign of trouble, particularly among unionists. You may recall there are a few of those there.
  • Zogby is saying this election is going to be a McCain landslide. No, I’m not kidding, and yes, his arguments are reasonable.From the local fishwrapper, the Chronic Democrat:

    One of the country’s top pollsters was in Rochester on Thursday and suggested that the November presidential election will end in an electoral landslide, even though the candidates are running close.”Essentially the election is at equilibrium,” said John Zogby, president of Zogby International. “This election will stay close until the end.”

    Zogby said he thinks the race will turn in the last weekend before Election Day and though the popular vote will be tight, the successful candidate will win in a landslide.
    He likened this year’s election to the contest in 1980, when Ronald Reagan defeated President Jimmy Carter.

    “This may be and probably is the most important election in our lifetime,” Zogby said. “I don’t say that lightly.”

    Despite two books by Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, Americans still don’t know enough about him. And if they don’t think they know him well enough by the time they vote, they’ll go with the “comfortable old shoe,” Republican Sen. John McCain, Zogby said.

    I guess I could live with that, yes. More importantly, though, I suspect the country will, as well.

  • Finally, from the archives, tonight, a reminder of just the kind of moron we’re dealing with in BO. Hey, Barry, just a clue, since you appear to so badly need one. Next time you need a fake photo op with you conducting business near a flag, you might want to consider holding the phone the right way. You don’t gain much unless you get that part right. See…anyone who is dumb and disconnected from reality enough to think you’re actually talking on that thing is already voting for you, OK?   You’re welcome. Amazing, the services we provide here at BitsBlog. The job other Americans won’t do, I guess. At least, the Democrats and the Press… but there I go, repeating myself again.

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