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Glenn Greenwald: Unhinged Mind

Third rail warning.

Good news Bit, old white guys have been vindicated.  The late Washington Mutual’s last ad, video:

WaMu’s last press release:

WaMu Recognized as Top Diverse Employer—Again Company ranks in top ten of Hispanic Business’ Diversity Elite and earns perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index
SEATTLE, WA (September 24, 2008) – Washington Mutual, Inc. (NYSE:WM), one of the nation’s leading banks for consumers and small businesses, has once again been recognized as a top employer by Hispanic Business magazine and the Human Rights Campaign.

Hat tips: video and quote, Steve Sailor. [1]  photo, Art of the Possible [2].


To which  Mark Krikorian asks “Cause and Effect? [3]


[4]Which in turn cause Glenn Greenwald so jump off the deep end, yeah I know in Glenn’s case it a short jump, Salon [5]:

While juxtaposing these two facts — (1) WaMu has a racially and ethnically diverse workforce and (2) WaMu collapsed yesterday — the National Review writer headlined his post: “Cause and Effect?” He apparently believes that the reason Washington Mutual failed may be because it employed and was too accommodating to large numbers of Hispanics, African-Americans and gays.

So what insight, if any, does Greenwld have into Krikorian’s mind?  None.  Rather Greenwald is incensed that Krikorian has the audacity to question the tenets of political correctness.

Now what is known about the late Washington Mutual?    One, it failed.  Two, WaMu was racist.  The video mocked old white men.   It said that any idea held by an old white man, must be wrong.  Imagine an analogous ad using women folk or people of color.   Yet if WaMu was governed consistent with their advertising campaigns, and rejected the advise of bankers based on their skin color and age, their failure indicates that they were taking bad advice.   Maybe WaMu should have heeded the advice of those old white male bankers?

As to the ilk of Human Rights Campaign, which would have better served the interests of WaMu’s former  employees, more diversity or more competent management?    Some would argue that diverity should be a company’s top priority.   I assert that is the real world the top priority is competency.   Those who disregard the priorities of the real world, do so at their own peril.

Note, do not argue that diversity in of itself is bad.   I do hold that diversity for the sake of diversity is a truly inane idea.   What would all those former WaMu employees standing in the unemployment line think?