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Zulu, Sitemeter And Honeysuckle

Bit wasn’t the only one wrestling with problems this morning.

Ended up watching Zulu [1] last night.  Good movie.  I’d seen the movie before.  So I wasn’t going to watch the whole movie   Needless to say, I got caught up in the movie and watched the whole thing.   I believe the movie is the best work both Stanley Baker and Richard Burton did.   I am great fan of Burton’s voice, just not his acting.  Bottom line, dead Zulus everywhere.

Got back on the computer after the flick and ran smack into the Sitemeter problems [2]   I think the Bitsblog’s technical staff, to wit Eric, did a outstanding job recovering.  Bottom line, dead blogs everywhere, both last night and into this morning.

Some might consider it as form of company punishement, but I like to do trail maintence.   This morning’s mission was “alien invasive species removal”, in the form of  Bush Honeysuckle [3].   With Honeysuckle you have to get the base of the problem.  Cut the bush off close to the ground.  So there I was crawling around on the ground trying locate the stem.   I look around and found that some form of ground bees were using the bush as their home.   I only got stung once but beat a haaty retreat.  For what worth, that particular bush did not get eradicated.  The next two bushs I went after also seemed have ground bees.   So I beat a another retreat and decided is was a good time to take a break.   So I did.   So after the crew put in a good morning’s work, there were dead Honeysuckles everywhere.  

Then wrestling with ground bees was probably easier then wrestling with computer code.