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Uh-Oh-Obama.. Muslim Outreach Director Resigns

The Muslim-outreach coordinator to the presidential campaign of Barack Obama has resigned amid questions about his involvement in an Islamic investment fund and various Islamic groups.

Chicago lawyer Mazen Asbahi, who was appointed volunteer national coordinator for Muslim American affairs by the Obama campaign on July 26, stepped down Monday after an Internet newsletter wrote about his brief stint on the fund’s board, which also included a fundamentalist imam.

“Mr. Asbahi has informed the campaign that he no longer wishes to serve in his volunteer position, and we are in the process of searching for a new national Arab American and Muslim American outreach coordinator,” spokesman Ben LaBolt said in a statement.

A corporate lawyer at the firm of Schiff Hardin LLP, Mr. Asbahi tendered his resignation after he and the Obama campaign received emailed inquiries about his background from The Wall Street Journal. He did not respond to the email or a message left at his law office; the campaign released a letter in which Mr. Asbahi said he did not want to be a distraction.

Thta’s the Wall Street Journal this monring [1]. Funny how the WSJ was the only place that actually decided to investigate the matter.

One wonders how deeply vetted the man was to cave so quickly, with only one news org asking questions.

There’s this, too; The left has been pushing the idea that because McCain has gotten money from Oil companies they’re trying to get him elected… we can argue later about that being a good or bad thing…. but why would a Muslim with ties to radical Islamic groups be working to get Obama elected, I wonder?