OK, I’ve got it lots closer than it was.

The links are working better, though there’s some inconstancy in the way it handles some of the rollovers in some of the sidebar links; I’m looking into that.  The rollovers on the top menu use a nice little shaded GIF for a background. I’ve re-written the thing so all rollovers use the same graphic.  You’ll see what I mean. A little constancy.  The rest of the stuff is pretty minor.

Because the ads I run in the sidebars are somewhat wider than the width this theme originally provided me, I had to play with them a bit… the right sidebar is a little wider than the left one.. about 20 pix or so. That allows for better picture handling inline. I’ve also modified the blockquotes a bit.

Here’s a block quote.

Here’s a nested blockquote.

Here’s a double-nested blockquote

I’ve widened the field of the body by quite a bit, to allow for the larger text. The theme is now optimal for a 1024*768 screen size. Others resolutions will work, but may exhibit some weird behavior. 800*600 is an operational minimum, but you lose the right sidebar, that way. No big deal, since the vast majority… about 97%, of our visitors are at 1024 or higher anyway.

The work will continue to progress, but I’ve been at it since early this morning, so I’ll take a break for a while.

Who said making a theme change was simply a matter of tossing a new theme directory in?
Put them on the rack.
Or better yet, have them struggle through this process themselves. I suggest that would be more painful by far.

Update to the Update:

I’ve added a little functionality to the archive section.

First, note the calander. You can pand pack and forth, month by month with it. Roll over a date where there are actually posts, and the titles of those posts become visible in those browsers that can do that kind of thing…(IE, and Focpro)  If you want to leap to a month and year, you can do that more quickly with the pulldown directly under the calander.   And if you want to do a string search, you can do that in the line under that.  Works really slick.

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