• Yes, I’d seen the reports of the death of Stephanie Tubbs-Jones. I had nothing of any value to add to it, so I didn’t mention it. Of course now I’m taking Feedback claiming this lack of response to this death, shows how racist I am.  Is there something in Lake Erie that causes this kind of thing when it gets into the Cleveland city water supply?  There’s only one way that level of idiocy walks the earth… it comes naturally. Anyone with a conscious mind couldn’t possibly display that level of idiocy that well or that frequently.  Let’s be clear about this, because I don’t want any of this showing up in my mailbox again. I’m sorry she died, I’m sure the activists in NE Ohio considered her a leader. Within that framework, what I saw of her, she seemed a nice enough person in terms of social interaction. I disgareed with her polictics because as you might imagine I wonder by what right she took other people’s money to feed her social(ist) agenade. Theft, after all,  isn’t very nice at all. But I certainly didn’t wish a sudden death upon her, and I don’t care what color she is. That’s simply not me. Those of you in my mailbox last night on the other hand, may rate an exception to that rule. I can’t help but wonder what Tubbs Jones would have thought about the sludge I scraped out of my inbasket last night, ostensibly in her name. Are we clear on this? Good. Back to it, then.
  • You will recall Billy and I had a little back and forth over the idea of Hillary Clinton putting some kind of coup together. Billy pretty much insists on it, I say I’ve not ruled it out, and now along comes JB Williams from the blogroll to suggest we’re both correct.

    After Barockstar’s near fatal empty suit performance at Saddleback Saturday, the Obama spin machine is in damage control overdrive. I wonder if they’ve had time to realize that they have been triangulated by the Clinton war room and set up to take a fall at the DNC convention?That old Clinton war room stench is in the air again… It seems the empty suit and his empty headed staff is not quite up to speed on Clintonian strategeries.

    You’ve gotta read the rest of this one. A brillilant bit of writing and analysis. Which, of course is why he’s in the blogroll.

  • I spoke to this last night elsewhere, but didn’t say anything here until now… and anyway, Boortz says it well:

    After the U.S. and Poland agreed on a missile shield in Eastern Europe, Russia says that its response will “go beyond diplomacy.” Looks like Czar Putin really means business. I wonder how Barack Obama would respond to such a threat …In fact …I’ll go a bit further here. Putin is making these “beyond diplomacy” noises because he senses American weakness. This weakness has been brought about in part by leftist opposition to our war against Islamic terrorism, and in part by our embrace of The Chosen One. Putin possibly believes that Obama is going to be the next decision maker – the next commander in chief. He also correctly believes that Obama is an appeaser. There’s no time like the present to make your bold moves and stake your claims – while America is embroiled in an election, and the eventual winner looks like the kind of guy that Putin would have as an appetizer.

    Putin is playing the same game BinLaden did. And Iran. And Iraq. And Hugo Chavez, etc etc etc.  Gee, almost like a pattern. And where are these all seeing weakness? To our left, is where.

  • As for stength, I note House Minority Leader John Boehner telling House Democrats yesterday to either “put up or shut up” on domestic drilling. No response from the Democrats yet.
  • Look, I don’t want to say Obama’s a bore. I might get called racist again from the “Mistake on the lake”. But you look and decide for yourself
  • Apparently, the state of California is to probe Chuckles the Clown Schumer for his overt role in the Demise of IndyMac. My systems are telling me we’re seeing lost of traffic coming from California to where my original writeup made it to Reuters. Apparently, there’s a large number… some 50… IndyMac workers quite vocal in their blame of Schumer for the place’s demise. By the way, there seems a bit of a recovery going on with IndyMac stock… unclear why, but we’ll keep watching.
  • Let me explain to you again one reason I don’t fly. Aside from the cost, the hassle and the fellow passengers, I mean. I’m with John Madden, here. I’ll take the truck, thanks.
  • Iran is now saying they’ll send a man to space. They’ll probably try to blow it up.
  • Glenn wishes a few inches of Fay’s rain output would make it up his way. Don’t worry, it will.  It’ll make it up here, too… just the weekend I drag the camper out… you watch.
  • It’s not a shift in energy policy that needs to occur, people… it’s a shift in environmental policy, and a shift in local zoning as regards refineries that needs to happen. We need to stop kissing envro-whack-job backside, and get the energy we need to keep the economy moving. We need a congress that will actually move in that direction, instead of roadblocking the thing and then going on vacation.

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