• My office at work is getting moved, so I spent half the day without connectivity. The ramble, as a result will be a bit shorter than it would have been otherwise.
  • Well, we know one guy who won’t be the VP choice. Sad part is, he’d likely be a better choice than most of the other people who actually have a chance for the job.  Art’s right; all this hype driven speculation is nigh on useless.  I can’t really get into it at all. I will say that the choice for Obama does seem more important than in other years, but that’s pretty much negated by the list of people he’s LIKELY to pick.
  • Maybe Obama could pick his brother? The new digs that go with the job would certainly be a step up from his old ones.
  • Interestingly, I see Michael Moore is calling for Caroline Kennedy to be picked for the job. Interesting because a pick like that is a ‘Hail Mary” play, and it interests me that Moore thinks such a desperation play is needed. It seems clear that whoever that will end up being, the press will love ’em.
  • No, Barrack, it’s called ‘the truth’. Granted, truth can be pretty insulting sometimes, but that doesn’t give you the right to duck the issue.
  • No, Glenn, It’s not a ‘tax revolt’. A revolt would not involve petitioning the government to allow peple to keep more of their own money… they’d simply do it.
  • The missile defense thing with Poland is a done deal.
  • Hillary being nominated? That’s not a possibility that I’ve overlooked, Billy. Look, man, I’ve been saying right along that she wasn’t out of this thing... she was going to be in it on whatever level possible, if she hadda crawl over broken glass to get there, and no matter who she hadda step on in the process. That’s her nature.I”ve been saying for weeks now that her fine hands were all over the Edwards thing, for example. I fully expect a ‘Hail Mary” play from her at Denver.  How successful she’ll be is questionable, but it’s clear that Obama won’t benefit from whatever she decides to do… even should Obama with the nomination. Assuming she manages to get herself nominated by whatever means… a possibility which as I say I don’t rule out… she still has to get by half of her own party who as we’ve discussed in these spaces in the past… repeatedly… wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton were she the last person on earth.  What are her chances of getting the nomination? (Shrug) I dunno. But once nominated, I place her chances of winning the GE at around 40%, mostly on her lack of support within her own party.That said, I close this particular sub-entry with a bit of a rant… and it’s a point that’s been eating me for some days, now… See, I have an instinctive fear of getting too caught up in the hype thing thing is currently swimming in. That’s one reason my comments on the veepstakes have been, well, reserved. It’s like we’re watching some kind of Super-bowl with voting machines,instead of trying to decide our national, and frankly, world vector for the next decade or so. As you’ve so often said, Billy, ideas have consequences. It’s the ideas and their consequences that need to take center stage. And , of course, they’re not. They’re just not.Part of that, it seems to me is a product of Obama running a campaign not about the issues, but about HIM. The Berlin thing was the Damascus road moment for a lot of Americans that Obama is about building a personality cult, not about addressing issues…. and that when one gets down to the issues, Obama is simply repackaging the old socialism of yesteryear, that every Democrat since LBJ has been peddling. And come to think on it, perhaps that’s why he’s trying to ram this one through on persoality.. because he knows he brings nothing more than this to the table.

    I say all this because I’m concerned about the ideas and their consequences, which I thnk are tending to get ignored, in favor of stuff that simply doesn’t matter, in the end. As an offhanded example: Will someone please tell me what the hell the major policy differences are between Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama? You can’t think of any? Guess what? I can’t either. So why does it matter which of them gets nominated?

    The whole of the Democrat party primary is being pushed on the force of each personality alone, and naught else. I suspect that’s why John McCain is doing better the last few weeks; Americans are starting to understand that what matters, isn’t even being touched by the Democrats. Take fuel prices, which 3/4 of Americans at least, lay the blame for at the feet of the Democrats, according to the polls. Obama’s answer? Same as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Ried… Tell Americans to “inflate your tires” and leave for a vacation most Americans couldn’t afford on a prayer. Lack of substance, a lack of connection to most Americans, by the way is also why John Edwards fell out of favor so fast. Niether Clinton nor Obama have learned that lesson, and I have no indcation they ever will.

  • Speaking of Clinton / Edwards, yada,yada, and as if on cue… here comes the Edwards thing, Round II.
  • Obama wants John McCain to acknowledge that Obama is patriotic, and to stop questioning his character. Perhaps some actual patriotism and character from Obama would help. I’ve no reason to think we’ll ever see any from the guy. I figure Obama being Patriotic and having patriotism and character  is about as likley as finding Bigfoot.
  • Speaking of character/// I mentioned Gary Glitter, yesterday? Seems he’s still got issues.
  • Hey, Four Ears!! Kind of weird… if a human were to suffer from such, it’d be uncouth to even mention it. As it is, this thing is all over the wires the last couple days.
  • What would things be like without the American Soldier?
  • I was right about Sitemeter’s placement being the issue. We’re getting back to normal around here.

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