• YetAnotherJohn gets a first place, and I get an Honorable Mention at OTB’s Caption Contest. It must be said, John has a nice touch for that kind of thing.
  • I’ve noted a shift in the readership of BitsBlog the last few days… more of you are coming in the front door on your own, and not being referred to us by some other site. While I genuinely apprecieate what links we get, I’m always encouraged by people coming here on their own… as a first stop, if you will… and we’re getting a lot of that kind of traffic of late…. about half of you, it looks like. Other bloggers referring to us is great, but people thinking fo us and coming here on their own is a far higher compliment, I think… and I don’t take lightly.
  • Yes, I do have some thoughts on Ted Kennedy’s appearance. Most of them derogatory, and so I won’t go into them at this statge of the game.
  • Say what you will about Bill O’Reilly… I’ll tend to agree with you. But one of his producers is making a name for himself… going out and trying in interviews with them, to define what ‘change’ is, in THEIR context. One gets two distinct impressions. First they don’t know, and secondly they’re going to be seriously disappointed.
  • Apparently, that assasination plot, wasn’t… and never was. I can’t help but think that particular story will help the Obama campaign, by among other things casting him a a sympathetic character. Certainly, the left-o-sphere has been playing this up for all they’re worth.  Amazing, since to most people I can’t think of much else that would cast him so.
  • Ever try to get rid of tires and wheels from three cars ago? Don’t. The morons have latched onto this aspct of life.
  • Ed Morressey notes the 3am ad came back to haunt the Democrats. James thnks it’s the best they’ve done yet, and I have to agree. Very effective ad.
  • This Ayers thing isn’t going away. Every time Obama tries to answer some of the points about it, he brings up more questions. And the move to get the DOJ to shut down the ads connecting Obama to Ayers is fairly typical of someone with skeletons they don’t want revealed. Getting the government to shut down opposition to liberals. Gee… wasn’t that the idea of the ‘fairness’ doctrine? Barone has a great bit on all of this. So does Michelle. Actually she’s got another one, too.
  • Oh… speaking of which… What’s this I hear about “Kill Michelle Malkin”?  And Levetating the Denver Mint? Did Obama know about this? After all, isn’t that what a 60’s radical would try?  Now, look at Memeorandum. Can you explan to me why, why these whack jobs as Michelle mentions, are so staunchly defended by the Left-o-sphere?
  • Good God… John Kerry could be the next Foreign Relations committee chair. If that’s not a disaster, I don’t know what is.
  • Been doing some digging on Obama and Acorn. A little dated, this one, but great background. Read.
  • McQ offers some wisdom.
  • So Nancy Pelosi is telling the Hillary Clinton supporters to avoid ‘victim politics’?  Isn’t victim politics exactly how Obama got nominated? Victim politics has driven the Democrat agendae for decades now. I don’t figure the seperation will be a success.
  • Another example of Democrats eating their young: John Edwards last night.
  • Hey, Democrats; Did any of you notice the Denver Archbishop’s statements about Joe Biden and Abortion? Personally, I’m waiting for him to try and get communion in Denver, myself.
  • I note with interest it’s supposed to be a very cold winter.  First, so much for ‘global warming’. Secondly, what’s the situation with fuel going to be? Does anyone think the priorities aren’t going to change over this?
  • And as if on cue, we caught 45 degree temps last night around here.
  • So much for rewarding ability.
  • Did you see this bit on Lou Dobbs Sunday night? Amazing how when you’re talking about liberals, stating the obvious can be newsworthy.
  • A shout out to the Mortman… Yeah, Mort, well, only a Democrat pol would think that station in Wilmington is more impressive because government is involved. You’re along the most heavily traveled rail corridor in the country… how good does the place have to be to see lots of people using it? And does anyone forsee the station in Newark DE being used regularly again?

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2 Responses to “Nightly Ramble: TWO!; Added Thoughts on the DNC First Night; More”

  1. The secret to taking first in the caption contest? Be on point, make an observation that political insiders will get and make an observation that anybody can see the humor in (aka a joke suitable for a movie). The only problem is that I can’t seem to do that reliably. But if you follow the link, you will see I did a pretty good job for this contest.

  2. That you did.
    Free form is hard to do, and hit and miss, but when you hit it it works like crazy.

    A lot of times, I try to think along the lines of MSTK3000…