This onestarted my morning: McCain suggesting that Paris Hilton was deeper on the subject of Energy than is Barack Obama. Know what? He’s right.  One might even say that Barack Obama totally lacks Gravitas.

Now, THERE’S a word I’ve not heard this entire campaign: Gravitas. At least, very seldom. We did see some… notably the Obama cheer leading section at the Huff and Puff,  and others, (Like for example the Washington Post, who simly echoed the HuffPo article)… try to attach the word to Obama… but it didn’t find traction… mostly because, by my read, too many people were hospitalized with fits of uncontrollable laughter.

It seems to me this entire campaign is wrapped around the question of Obama’s  being ready to serve in the office he seeks.  Apparently, even Obama recognizes this, which seem to me to best explain the stillborn attempt at his own presidential-like seal a few weeks back. That even at this late juncture, the question of his fitness for office hasn’t been answered would seem to be an indication that the answer will never come out a ‘yes’.

Meanwhile, McCain’s gravitas hasn’t been questioned at all,  by anyone but the most ardent of Democrats, whose apparent interest is not in the individual candidate, but their stated party affiliation. Those questions usually manifest themselves in jokes about age that, were Harry Reid running for President, would be considered well out of the bounds of ‘good taste’ and ‘fairness’.   That, too, seems to me telling.  No serious com mentor on the issue is now willing to question McCain’s gravitas, while the big controversy is Obama’s… or rather his lack of it.

It’s a warning sign, that Obama’s ability to lead is still an open question..

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