• A .491 Blood Alcohol level? Why is this guy still breathing? And he was Driving?
  • Profits at The New York Times are off 82%If I’m Rupert Murdoch I’m watching this one.
  • Dolly visits Texas. No deaths, far as I know.
  • I see John Edwards and Rielle Hunter are in the news again.  I’ve seen less than desireable women, but this one actually makes Hillary Clinton look good.  I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, and say it was a bad photo of her…. we’ve all had those… usually un some form of ID that follows us for deacdes.  But, evey photo I’ve ever seen of her she looks… well, never mind.  I begin to suspect John Edwards and Price Charles were separated at Birth. It would explain their shared taste in women, and Edwards apparently thinking he’s royalty. What can be said about the judgement of such a person?
  • I wouldn’t be so quick to say Obama doesn’t want to lose the war, James. Democrats have been successful at labeling it “Bush’s war”, and snice they’re running against their nemesis, instread of against McCain, they view it as being in their best interest to lose. They’re completely dedicated to delegitimizing and thus destroying the Bush presidency, thereby giving themselves a leg up. Do3esn’t matter who dies as a result, so long as they win in November. It also goes directly to their argument that there was no way to win. A recent poll done by Fox, reports that one in five Democrats think the world would be better off if we lost the war in Iraq. Obama, Murtha, Reid and Kerry have all made unpatriotic remarks about our troops. They’ve worked in a very active fashion to stop their flow of supplies..(By as I mentioned a few days ago, bringing up the “Genocide” thing with Turkey, so as to cut off our Iraq front supply lines which run through  that country. That was Pelosi, Lantos and Slaughter.)  Murtha also worked to cut off supplies, and worked hard to demean our troops in the field… and when his statements were proven wrong, he suddenly disappears from the stage. No apologies, no explaining of his anti-American actions. These are the cream of the crop… the leaders of the Democrat party. So, now you’re going to tell me that Obama breaks that mold? That he doesn’t want us to lose when he’s so clearly working toward that end like the rest of the Democrat party? As Bruce says this morning:

    How clueless can one be? There has never been any doubt that Iraq is of no significance or importance to Barack Obama – and that means he really doesn’t care about a successful outcome there. He simply wants us out – regardless. He’ll mouth the platitudes about honoring our military’s sacrifice, but bottom line, he’s going to pull us out of there regardless of the advice he gets from generals or the conditions there at the time – and it has to do with politics and the presidency.

     Sorry James, I’m unconvinced.

  • Interesting news out of the Southernteir of NY. Interesting to me, anyway. Seems Route 81 Broadcasting was foreclosed on. Rt81 holds…. welll, HELD… WENY AM-FM, WENI AM-FM, WCBA, WGMM,(WNAK, WCDL, WAZL, WLNP WHYL, WCOJ and WS2K. I used to work at WCBA, you see. Seems the model they were using…trying to work what synergy there was betrween their stations in each market, didn’t help them much.  I predicted that would happen when Eolin sold them the place. Ah, well. At least Jack Shane wasn’t alive to see what’s become of the place. Never did hear what happened to Dean, though.
  • At some point the folks attacking the right are going to get their stuff together. After which, the world will end.
  • Something wierd in the new version of WordPress is fouling the way pictures get wrapped with text in posts… To be specific, they DON’T get wrapped, wven when you ostensibly set up the code that way. A little annoying. I’m working on that.
  • Ann Althouse is correct here.

    “If Klein wants to get all outraged about something, he should get outraged retrospectively about how Obama and many Democrats were ready and even eager to embrace defeat. If Klein wants to worry about who is unsuited for the presidency, he ought to recognize that if Obama had been President two years ago, we would have suffered a humiliating defeat in Iraq that would have repercussions for decades.”

    Applause from here, Ann.

  • The reports from the DNC in Denver are still not looking the best for the Democrats. Clearly they think they’re better than the rest of us, immune to the laws they’d have us follow. And it’s not just Al Gore.
  • I may say something more about this later, and I’ll decidedly post a pic for you, but just before this goes to press, I found out our older cat, Sam, passed on today. He’s been having kidney trouble for years, so, sadly, this was pretty much expected.  OK, I know… it’s a small thing in the history of the world, but huge in the world of Casa de Bit.   Those of you who have lost pets will understand the impact this can have. Sam was as freindly a cat as you’ll ever see in your life.. a real snuggler, and a good companion.  It was his way of things that caused us in short order to become cat people, if you will, bringing home in short order. Ray, who died with cancer last year, and  Molly, who after Ray died was joined by Ginny. If Sam hadn’t been so nice a cat, we’d not have welcomed more into our house.  But as it happens, Sam was the ideal cat. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention him today. There’s no doubt in my mind he knew he was loved, and loved in return. I miss him already. (Sigh)
  •  Finally, I note with interest that a stretch of road (NY20-A)  near Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo (well OK, Orchard Park) is to be named for Tim Russert. They’re trying to rename the airport in Buffalo for him, too I hear. I’ll have to check with my buddy over in Buffalo and see how that’s doing. Normally, I’d wonder about stuff like this. But really, Russert is as close to a celeb as Buffalo is likely to get for a while. So why not? And yes, that a news person is a celeb, or close to it, I see as problematic, eventually, but let it pass for now.

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