• Boortz, today, says:

    Thomas Sowell has a great article on Barack Obama: “Many are for him for no more serious reasons than his mouth and his complexion.” That’s true, Mr. Sowell … but are you a racist for saying so?

    Well, how could that be? He’s black after all.  Maybe he’s not black enough? No, that doesn’t work either since there’s a lot of leftists out there tossing that charge at Obama, too. All of this is likely why he’s getting away with these quantum shifts in position.

  • Speaking of Obama, that plane trouble he had was more dangerous than was let on, according to Popular Mechanics. Then again, they’ve been known to come out swinging for leftists in the past, so it all may be food for the conspiracy theoriests. Anything that keeps ihis name in the press is money they need not spend for name recognition elsewhere.
  • If we take this story  as any indication, trusting in the global warming hucksters like Al Gore is a sign you’re missing a few marbles; Doctors are apparently officially labeling  “climate change delusion” a mental disorder.
  • Speaking of mental disorders….  Naked people have little or no influence on society, said Mark Twain, though I’ve always wondered on what he based that observation.   Today I note someone who has apparently never heard of Twain, and whose room is current being fitted with rubber wallpaper.
  • James Lileks who I quote al too infrequently here as compared to the quality of his work, makes a great point about vid games, and the mixed messages sent by busybodies trying to oversee control them…

    “Somehow a sim about saving relief workers by blowing up terrorists is BAD, but a game in which one plays a criminal who drives around town running over pedestrians is okay. I’d say boys are getting mixed messages, but they’re probably not listening to the boycotters on either side.”

    True. But I’m willing to bet the pols are, wherein lies the danger.

  • So, Obama is ‘ embarrassed ” that we here in the states can’t speak other languages as a rule. Far as I’m concerned, it’s of far greater import that they learn English. I also note with interest however that the speech at the Brandenburg Gate he’s been planning to give will be in English. Doesn’t that make you wonder, just a little?
  • The guy subbing this week for Quinn and Rose down in Pittsburgh notes a report that says high CO-2 is great for plants, which in turn produces more O^2.  I managed to find the article. Why aren’t the tree huggers celebrating?
  • I see cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal is still making the same arguments that ahve been turned down previously. Let’s solve this…Just shoot the mudering bastard and be done with it, OK? Can I make my thought any clearer, here?
  • Oh, and lest we forget, oil dropped again, today. The drop comes despite concerns over Iran’s sabre rattling, and adds to the comment I made this morning. This makes it what, four days straight of drops, now?

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