• Oil is down again… third straight day this has happened…. another $4  That’s about $15/bbl… on the hope that Congress will get out of the way of drilling. And remember, gang, I told you this would start happening about midsummer.
  •  Pelosi meanwhile is being stupid. For the record, gang, I added nothing to DavidL saying we look for Pelosi’s removal  from office, because I agree with it.  the woman needs to leave. Now.
  • So, Obama plans to rid the world of all known diseases all Nuclear weapons. I guess it would take a Messiah to put that particular genie back in the bottle, huh? And what Democrat since FDR has NOT made such a pledge at some point during his election? We see how well it’s worked previously, once exposed to reality. (OK, yes, hat was a nod to Monty Python)
  • I see housing starts are up. Gee,  nobody saw that one coming, huh?
  • Obama says “Debate ME not Michelle”. Fine. Mr Obama, when are you going to toss your wife under the bus?
  • Speaking of Obama, we’ve been hearing all day about his $52m haul last month. What a lot of the reports don’t tell you is that $52m is short of what they projected,and well under what he’s been spending.  In short, Obama is in money trouble. Funny how the press hasn’t been sayng much about this.
  • This stuff about Jackson keeps trickling out. Just release the damned tape and get it out in the open. One gets the impression this stuff is being managed for a reason that doesn’t involve Fox.
  • Israel will always end up on the fuzzy end of these sticks. The reason is simply enough, they’re trying to appear accommodating.  After a while, reasonable people would say ‘no deals’, and simply bomb the crap out of the Palastinians, who are using these negotiations to obtain what they cannot on the filed of a battle they started, and using them as they would any other weapon; against their enemy.
  • Billy writes today of a storm that went through his neck of the woods yesterday and blewdown a much of stuff including a buddy’s barn.  Today, I get a note from my wife: They just interrupted the radio broadcast with emergency info – “move indoors immediately”.  60 mph winds, penny size hail, severe t-storm warning until 10:15.”. I watched the radar as that storm, that lit up around Niagara Falls, and went over us here, went south and sat over I81 from about Tully south to Billy’s neck of the woords. Two days now, he’s had that stuff going on. Another little cell lit up over Corning and Elmira while this was going on. All with the same stuff; Hail, 60mph winds, dogs and cats living together, etc. Twice in two days. Last I saw of the storm at about 4p eastern it was headed at NY City, and a bucnh of freinds have showed up on the same front, heading south and west toward the Jersey Shore.
  • Glenn says: “Quite a few people need to be reminded of the importance of a free economy.”, and that’s true enough. But perhaps of greater import, we need to reinforce what constitutes a free economy. What we see now in energy, for example, where every possible thing that can be regulated or taxed, is, from dead dino to fuel tank, has no connection whatever to a free market at any stage of the game.
  • Powerline nails it: Democrats aren’t opposed to drilling, unless where they’re drilling has oil.

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