• So, Ezra Klien is miffed that the New York Times didn’t write a hit peice on Limbaugh?  Ask me again why I’m ever more unimpressed by Klien.
  • At some point, someone’s going to make mention of the idea that both Obama and McCain are tracking to the right. Apparently, my original perception was correct; the right is far more powerful than either candidate was giving them credit for while the Democrat nomination was still on the line. Now that’s decided….
  • I note that oil is down around $8US in the last 48 hours. Remember, Midsummer, I said, is when this bubble will break.
  • Iraq is making noise about a timetable for withdrawal. My read is this is noise over negotation.
  • Obama is saying now that he needs to earn the trust of the troops. Newsfash, pard… if you don’t have that by now, you’re hosed. Interesting how the only time in his life he’s taken such matter seriously is when he’s coming up a few votes short, isn’t it? Demonstrating what a sham this is, it’s a surefire bet he doesn’t understand what caused this.
  • Think Progress, a blog which involves neither thought nor progress, complains today about Goldberg’s apt linking of forced “volunteirism” to slavery.  Hey, guys? think “Draft” and recalculate. You do recall your objection to the draft when it was suppsoedly surrounding involuntary servitude, don’t you? Funny how that argument isn’t valid, here. Or were you, as I spspect, simply anti-Military at the time?
  • And I’m sure we won’t hear much frm the MSM about Obama’s pals at Acorn and heir voter fraud
  • Hey Tigerhawk… perhaps your problem is cars aren’t geared for 55, anymore. My Rainier SUV, for example works best at around 63. To mandate even slower travel is just plain stupid.
  • Webb doesn’t want to be Obama’s VP. Perhaps he knows a losing ticket when he sees one?
  • The approval rating for Congress has fallen to single numbers. And yet the media still is trying to sell us on the idea that the Democrats, who currently run that zoo, are going to remain in charge? What’s wrong with this picture?
  • Hugo and Hezbollah. I mean, you’re not surpised, are you?


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