• Davidremarked the other day on the tax hike on fuel being proposed by the Democrats. I think his headline to be crucial to understanding this thing. Imagine with me, if you will, what would happen to the Democxrats and their chances in November if they printed headlines as David did;

    Democrats propose fifty-four percent gasoline tax increase

    Think they’d stand a snowball’s chance? David calls them idiots. I think not. True, it’s a destructive plan. But they’re Democrats… since when would they EVER be held to account? They KNOW they’ll never be held to account.

  • I’m forced to conclude it… There’s something in the inbreeding of the soccer fan.. regardless what country is involved. I wonder about this, too, speaking of soccer.
  • Donnagets a new phone, with a decent MP3 player in it. So, I get the Sanza she’s been carrying around till now.   It’s nice, since I do have a rather large MP3 collection… I figured out the other day that if you played them continuously, back to back, I have something like 3 months worth of MP3’s. Nothing beats it for the truck… though I wish I could get a stronger signal out of the modulator I bought.  Short  version of the story is the Rainier has a top of the line Bose system, and sounds fabulous to this broadcaster’s ear, even with the taps all the way open to the 275wRMS max.  Trouble is, the thing doesn’t have an auxiliary input on it. Only way  could get audio from the MP3 to the head just now was get a fairly cheap modulator, which is basically a tiny FM transmitter.  Tiny is the operative word, both in size and power. Even small, educational stations 60 miles away drown out the MP3.  (Damn the FCC for lowering their power unilaterally.)    So, I’m searching for a solution, there. I’ll let you know if I find something.
  • Seems that ban on handguns in Chicago isn’t working so well.You’d think that Chcago, of all places, would understand prohibition better than most, particularly in light of the idea that guns and alcohol have long been a part of western culture.
  • We’d actually planned to go camping this weekend. Darn good thing we didn’t; Temps were around 90, with humidity up in the high 80’s with thunderstorms. Yes, we have A/C in the camper, but sitting around a campfire becomes somewhat less enjoyable when it’s that hot and wet.  It’s one reason I’ve never considered camping in Florida, for example. Next weekend, perhaps. Not sure where, yet. Perhaps up along the St Lawrence river.
  • Now, here’s irony. Remember Ezra Lavant? Apparently, since he won his case before the inaptly named Canadian Human Rights Commission, he’s been getting death threats. I wonder; Are death trheats considered hate speech in Canada? If they are, will the HRC go after this case with all the zeal they attacked Levant with? (Sound of tounge popping in cheek) He’s offering a reward of $1000 if you can find out the owner of this address… “CM00195eebd328.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com”
  • One of the nice things about WordPress 2.6, which I installed over the weekend, is that it allows me to preview what a new theme looks like and though some slightly convoluted menuing, I can edit the thing, all without putting it online. I’ve got a project going. It may or may not come to anything, but it’s fin for the web guy in me, anyway.
  • They’re still convinced Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery. Strata isn’t.
  • Gotta love it. Ya know, I hope it’s not just me that thinks this thing with Obama’s speaking outside the country is a bit over the edge. I mean ostensibly, he was supposed to be fact finding, not trying to sell hismelf. (Yeah, right) But notice, please that the Obama camp is going out of their way to avoid contact with the Euro press. So, guess who this is for the benefit of? Leftists at home who think we’re not bowing to old Europe enough.  And I wonder too, if some of this isn’t because the Euro press is somewhat less in the tank for Obama?
  • Happened across Roman Catholic Radio last night while panning around the AM dial, and heard all about how we who think strong borders, and immigration laws lack the Charity of Christ.  Well, I have to tell you, I’m annoyed. We need to favor open borders, and apparently disregard laws designed for the security of our country as ‘unjust’…  This is a moral issue, we’re told.    Well, it seems to me that the group that kept Clergy abuse under wraps for so long, on a world-wide basis, has a great deal of ground to cover before they can presume to judge my morality, or anyone else’s. Now, I’m quite sure I’m going to catch serious flack over this, but I speak as one who was and remains steeped in the Christian tradition, and I must tell you that this open borders business of theirs is way over the line, and I’m finally forced to speak out.  What was this from Christ about giving to Caesar that which is Caesar’s?  Doesn’t that suggest that we’re supposed to obey the laws as set out by the government? That was a rather thick line Christ drew.  While you actually have the Bible cracked open instead of using it as a club, please explain to me where theft is covered in the Bible. Wasn’t that “thou shalt not steal?”  Theft is what we’re talking about, when we talk about LaRaza, for example. Is the Roman church saying that we’re not to be concerned about all the theft, murder and rapes committed by illegals?  For example, one that just came up in the news here this morning, out in SanFran.  I’d suggest, in that case, the city and it’s sanctuary policy bears direct culpability for those deaths.   I’m proud to be associated with people who come to this country to be a part of this country and it’s culture. I will fight, as I can anyone wanting into this country under any other conditions. I will continue to fight for borders, language and culture.  I view that as a moral issue.  Sorry, Roman Church…you’ve squandered your status as the representative of Christ in my view, and have no moral leg to stand on here. No voice whatever. None. You, also, share the burden for these deaths, and more since it’s your policy and your arguing these people are following. I’d suggest having a word with Christ on the matter, but my guess is you’ve forgotten his number. I, meanwhile, have yours, cold.
  • The other side of that guage of charity of course, is the Democrats, who are basically hiding Denver’s  homeless buying the movie tickets, and zoo tickets, to keep them out of sight. Gee… now there’s the charity of Christ, huh? Funny how the Catholic Church says nothing of this, or of the policies that make it a need.
  • Now that we’ve gotten Obama to Visit Iraq, perhaps we can get McCain to visit ANWR?With any luck, he won’t be issuing policy pronouncements before he goes, like Obama did. Obama’s suppsoedly on the ground now, but based on his statements he’s incapable of learning about the situation there. At least, he’s incapable of admitting he was wrong.
  • Here comes the ‘Tax the rich” meme again.  What do you do when you run out of rich?
  • Meanwhile, Rasmussen Reports is saying that there’s a majority out there that see the press as being in the tank for Obama.  As if we needed proof beyond this nonsense. Of course the remaining question is how many people understand that to be a bad thing.

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