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Meryl Yourish Votes Bull!

BO has a problem taking a clear position.  Meryl Yourish [1] has no such problem:

Obama is using the Holocaust [2] to score rhetorical points. Mind you, he’s not the only person ever to have done so, but I’m calling bullshit on this quote:

“I am always taken back to sort of the core question of humanity that the Holocaust raises. That is, on the one hand, man’s great capacity for evil, and on the other hand, our ability to come together to stop evil.”

Stopping the Holocaust had absolutely nothing to do with the Allies coming together to stop Hitler. People who think that WWII happened to stop the Holocaust are either fools or liars. Allied leaders had the reports. They knew what was happening. They did nothing. No, wait. Some encouraged it, by refusing to take in Jewish refugees from Hitler’s advances (we’re looking at you, Britain).

Hat tip and More:  Jay Tea, Wizbang [3]:

One guy, who holds a Bachelor’s in Political Science and International Relations from Columbia University, a degree from Harvard Law School (magna cum laude), and a former professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago Law School, seems to think that “stopping the Holocaust” was one of the major motivating factors in World War II.

I refer, of course, to Senator Barack Obama.

 And the gafffes keep on coming.