Well, if Jesse Jackson is that pissed at Obama,  he must deserve a second look.

I kid you not, I got this on my way in this morning. they’re talking of course abut Jackson’s comment that he wanted to cut Obama’s nuts off. Or, word to that effect. Stoty here.  And it got me wondering just a bit; Jackson is perhaps the biggest target of White Democrats who will not vote for Obama. What if this comment of Jackson’s was staged to give Obama some white street creds?

Normally, I’d not give the man credit for being able to take part in any kind of coordinated effort, including arranging a lunch.  But with results like I saw this morning, and assuming of course this one guy I overheard this morning, wasn’t unique, it could hardly have been planned better.

If on the other hand, Jackson’s comment is genuine, what does this say about the much touted unity of the black vote, and the much touted unity of the Democrat party as a whole? Is it possible that we’ve just seen a fin in the water?


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